Would you crowdfund for a good cause?

You’ve probably come across the concept of crowdfunding in your travels.

Essentially it means – combining a little bit of your money with the financial contributions from others, to achieve the greater good.

You might be prepared to donate some of your hard-earned cash to help find a cure for a sick a child or raise funds to send an old grandmother home to see her family one last time.

Perhaps you’d even be inclined to put forward a few dollars to get a new start-up company off the ground.

It really is a marvellous idea!

So, what if you could start a crowdfund to help yourself? 

Imagine having a group of people all willing to throw some money in the pot so you could walk away with something amazing.

Sounds a bit like a pipe dream, doesn’t it?

Call it what you will – but this is exactly how property syndication works.

Together with a designated group of like-minded investors, you each provide a smaller share of the funding to be able to purchase a larger and more lucrative investment.

Instead of trying to ‘raise’ all the money on your own to buy a decent property (which, let’s face it, could take decades!) you only have to part with a fraction of the purchase price to own a piece of an entire building.

But here’s some even better news.

If you choose your investment property wisely, you can easily grow your wealth in a very short time.

With our plan, if you were to contribute only $200,000 to buy a share in a multi-million dollar blue-chip property, you could expect to come away with $400,000 after just 5 years.

That’s not to be sneezed at!

Let’s say you use that extra cash to finally pay off your mortgage – how would that feel?  Or you might want to expedite the growth of your retirement fund so that when you eventually give up work, you’ll be able to kick back and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t let hearsay crowd your judgement – syndication can change your life.

And surely you’re the best cause of all!