GSA acquires land and builds brand new luxury apartments and townhouses – that much is clear.

But why do we focus on the south-eastern suburbs?

In essence, we have done our homework and have capitalised on the many factors that go into ensuring a profitable investment.

Convenience and lifestyle are top of our agenda when it comes to securing property in affluent, high-growth areas.

And leading experts at concur with our findings:

“Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs boast distinct communities, neighbourhood attributes and differing property growth cycles.

They’re considered by many to be the best Melbourne property investment suburbs.”

Studies have shown that properties in the south-eastern waterside suburbs in, particular, will increase in value more quickly than other areas.

As investment strategists, we recognise the need to purchase property in a location that outperforms the averages.

And while the idea of buying something outright in these areas is enough to make most people’s piggy bank quiver with fear, taking advantage of our syndication model gives you the best of both worlds.

You see – there are people who can afford to rent or buy expensive real estate, guaranteeing regular occupancy of our developments.

So, you know you’ll get the tenants and the income – without having to foot the bill for the entire complex.

It makes sense that you’d want to be a part of this prosperous opportunity.

Get in touch with one of our investment managers today and find out how you can own a piece of one of Melbourne’s best locations.