Can you remember the last time you went to stay with friends or family? No doubt they had a spare room with a comfy bed and some crisp, clean sheets on offer. And it was probably a relaxed and familiar experience that made you feel safe and completely at ease as you drifted off without a care in the world.


That’s exactly what went down for 49 year old New Zealander, Melissa Ware, when she visited her sister on the Gold Coast late last year.  That is, until 2am!


Tired and jetlagged, Melissa wanted nothing more than a long shower and a hot cup of tea before she turned in for the night for a solid rest.  But those plans soon came undone when she woke to a loud bang and the sensation of weight pinning her to her bed.

“It was pitch black, so I had no idea of what was happening and panicked.  My sister and husband opened the door to try and find out what the noise was and were shocked to find me laying under everything pleading for help.”

In short – the whole bedroom ceiling had collapsed on top of her.

Melissa’s sister was furious, having first raised concerns with the property manager about the cracking and sagging ceiling eight months prior.  Several phone calls, emails and inspection reports later, and nothing had been fixed. This was after the ceiling in another room had already collapsed, almost injuring an elderly relative. The agent had sent a repair man to give a quote but was still waiting on a response from the landlord.

Rental vacancy crisis or not, there is no excuse for poor property maintenance or safety negligence.


GSA prides itself on its solid due diligence, and working with only the best conveyancers, builders, and designers in the business.  We not only ensure that each dwelling is fitted out in style, we make it our mission to adhere to all health and safety standards across the board.


Our investors and tenants can sleep well at night knowing that they’re in good hands.