We get it – picking up the phone to arrange a meeting with someone you don’t know much about can be daunting, to say the least.  That’s why we try to make our meet & greet process as easy and comfortable as possible.

From the moment you first speak with one of our consultants to the face-to-face presentation, we aim for peace of mind and convenience every step of the way.

And it doesn’t end there.  Once we’ve completed our ‘show and tell’, we’re always on standby for any further questions that may arise.  Then, if you’re ready to invest, we’ll walk you through all the moving parts in detail from start to finish.  Ultimately, we want you to feel confident, informed, and reassured.

Here’s what a typical client onboarding scenario looks like.


Stage 1: Pre-presentation

You’ll have a complementary, no-obligation phone conversation with one of our consultants.  They’ll talk you through the overall investment process, how it works, and what you can expect.  Together, you’ll arrange a convenient time for you to meet in person.  This can either be in our offices, at your local café, or even in the comfort of your own home.  Plus, we’re available for after-hours visits too, so you can feel relaxed and ready to give it your complete focus.  We always value your time and understand that everyone has commitments they need to work around.

That’s why we try not to keep you too long.  You’ll receive a quick, half-hour presentation that tells you everything you need to know.


Stage 2: During the presentation

You’ll always meet with the same person with whom you spoke on the phone.  This ensures you feel at ease from the get-go, having already been introduced and built a preliminary rapport.

Your consultant will set up a handy laptop presentation to demonstrate how our investment process works.  They’ll even calculate what it can do for you personally.

You’ll be shown all the relevant paperwork and advised on what you need to do next.  They’ll also stay for as long as required to answer any questions you may still have.  Transparency is our number one priority.  We want you to be armed with all the facts & figures to make an informed decision.  Then, it’s up to you.  You can take as much time as you need to work out if this is the right approach for you.

In the meantime, we can secure you a spot on one of our current projects, so you don’t miss out.  And if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to go ahead, that’s completely fine.


Stage 3: Post-presentation

Once you’re ready to jump on board, we’ll coordinate all the necessary financial services and assist with the required documentation.

You’ll then be given a personal log-in to our customer portal, which provides a central hub of GSA communications and investment updates.

After that, it’s time to sit back and watch your money grow.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured there’ll be no shortage of communication.  We’ll supply regular updates (via phone and client portal), with representatives on standby to help with any further queries.


So, why not give us a call to find out if we can help you finally be financially free.