What are you really spending?

You love the idea of property investment and get excited at the prospect of earning a passive income.

Your savings are solid.  The equity on your existing property is ample.

Surely you’re good to go! 

But have you factored in the added extras?  Yes, there’s a whole range of additional expenses you will incur when you buy a retail investment property.

  • Stamp Duty

This one’s a killer.  The banks won’t lend you these extra finances.

  • Legal Fees

You need to know what you’re signing and whether there are any hidden clauses.

  • Building and Pest Inspection

You want to know exactly what you’re purchasing upfront.

  • Accountant Fees

A good accountant ensures financially sound transactions-and tax loophole benefits.

  • Insurance

There are a few:  lenders mortgage insurance, landlords insurance, and home and contents insurance for starters.

  • Buyer’s Agent Fee

Your real estate agent will charge you a percentage of the purchase price.

  • Property Management Fee

A property manager will look after your asset.  They are so much more than a rent collector.

Once you secure your property, you will then have to foot the bill for the following:

  • Maintenance Costs

General upkeep of wear & tear, as well as replacing larger items such as hot water systems, aircon units etc.

  • Tenants

The cost of vacancy or delays in rent.

And when you eventually decide to sell?

  • Sales Commission

How do you feel?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to forego these nasty extras and just walk away with a tidy profit?

Well – now you can.  Get in touch to find out how you can grow your wealth without spending more than you bargained for.