$650,000 … that’s what you’d expect to pay on average for a decent house in Cranborne North or Hoppers Crossing.  And it’s likely to get you a spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom abode with double lock-up garage.  Not a bad spend.

But get this!  A tiny beach box in Mt Martha just sold for this exact same amount.  That’s a land value of a whopping $26,000 per square meter.  At that rate, an average-sized home would need to be worth a cool $6 million.  Needless to say, it’s a record sale for a mere bathing hut.  However, these prime little pieces of Peninsula real estate rarely come up for sale.  All you have to do is look at the suburb beachfront location to see why.

Local real estate agent, Sam Danckert, is hardly surprised – noting Mount Martha’s gradual increase in popularity over the last decade.   This is largely due to the convenience of the recent Peninsula link.  But the pandemic has also seen many flock to the area as they prioritise their lifestyle goals.

So, who would be willing to pay this small fortune for an equally small investment?

It appears it’s the locals who already own good blocks with views down to the beach and are simply buying an accessory to their main property.

The boxes date back to the 19th century as a practical way to get changed.  Nowadays, they provide extra shade or storage space for paddleboards and other beachy accessories.  It’s certainly decadent but undoubtedly convenient.

Although it’d be wonderful to afford such luxuries, most of us can’t.  The good news is there’s an alternative way to still upgrade your lifestyle without selling a kidney.  It’s our property syndication strategy.  And we have new and highly-profitable investment projects coming in all the time.

While ours is a unique and somewhat unchartered method, it’s definitely one that pays to think outside the box.