According to Property Update online, 80% of your property’s performance is all about location.  The remaining 20% is directly related to buying the right property in that location.

The site goes on to nominate four essential precursors to nabbing the best deal.  Here’s what they reckon you should buy:


1.  A property below its intrinsic value


2.  A property that outperforms the averages


3.  A property with something unique (and X-factor)


4.  A property with potential for (renovations/redevelopment) growth


There’s a lot to be said for those hallmarks.  And if you can find them all under the one roof, you’ll be onto a definite money-making winner.

So, let’s look at GSA’s approach to investment property and how it measures up to the above criteria.


1.  We buy existing land and build brand new luxury real estate for wholesale prices.


2.  We only buy in affluent suburbs like Brighton, Malvern East, and Kew, where we know property value performs at its peak.


3.  Our deluxe townhouses and apartments are fitted with state-of-the-art structures and appliances.


4.  Our premium development properties are built with quality & liveability in mind – so, we know their growth is guaranteed.


But we don’t just look at suburb wealth when it comes to sourcing our next big project.  We also seek out a range of perks to ensure our tenants have the best lifestyle possible.  Things like convenience to shops and amenities, nearby schools and parks, and local transport availability.  They all come together to create a property investment solution quite unlike any other.

What’s more, if you’ve been struggling to find the finances to buy the right sort of investment, look no further.  Because we consolidate investor funds to provide a more affordable option for all stakeholders.

If you’re keen to find out more, give us a call, or book in a remote meeting at your convenience.  The choice just got a whole lot easier.