The latest fall in interest rates is excellent news for homeowners.

The government is hoping the cut will stimulate the economy by seeing Aussie households spend more now that their purse strings have loosened a little.  But before you go splashing out on diamond rings from Costco, take a moment to ponder how that money could be better spent.

The short of it – get rid of your mortgage!

Now is the perfect time to eliminate your debt like never before.  With rates not looking to rise again any time soon, you have the distinct advantage of paying off larger instalments each month.

Seriously – you’d be mad not to!

Sure, feel free to splurge on an extra pack of gourmet choccies in the weekly shop – but don’t go overboard.  Use this rare opportunity to get ahead.  The more you can pay off now, the better.

And while you’re at it, get in touch with one of our senior investment strategists to find out how you could smash the remainder of your home loan within 5 years.

Here at GSA, we build lifestyles – so, you definitely have the green light from us to accelerate your financial freedom.