Usually, around this time of year, housing auctions get a bit frisky.  As primed to blossom as the fresh October buds, the property market is eager to unfurl in all its glory.

Except for this spring.

The current climate seems to have frozen some investor momentum.

While listings have picked up despite the rate rises, buyers remain somewhat gun-shy.  And although volumes are up 68.1% from last year, it’s likely due to the flurry of COVID restrictions that were in place.

Even with increased choice for buyers right now, there are still many factors that may dissuade them from actually sealing the deal. Rising interest rates, high inflation, and affordability constraints will likely sway consumer confidence.

New Core Logic data shows the combined national residential property value dropping from $9.8 trillion to $9.7 million at the end of August.  That’s everything to write home about!

So it seems that, even though buyers and vendors are coming to price agreements, it’s all still a bit tentative.

Investor season will likely recover as the market finally acclimatises.  But it’s better to be ready for the unexpected, especially when you have a mortgage hanging over your head.  Or you’re desperately trying to save for that ever-elusive deposit.

That’s where we can help.

Our investment model allows you to spend less of your savings upfront and watch them quickly multiply.  It also takes on all the risk and crunches all the numbers to give you the best possible outcome.

Of course, we need to move with the market flow and supply chains, too.  But it sure takes the headache out of all the hard stuff.  And it gives you the golden opportunity to invest wisely without schlepping around town, hoping the next auction will be yours in the bag.  We’ll help put the spring back in your step without you even having to leave the house!