We hear this a lot.  And we understand why.  You’ve entrusted your finances to an expert, and you pay them good money to do the right thing by you.

But let’s shuffle things around for a sec.

Imagine if you got some news that a close family member needed to have major surgery.  And it’s serious.  You know there are significant risks involved and that only the best surgeon will do.

Do you go to your local doctor and ask them to perform the surgery?  It’s certainly convenient – but unlikely.  Do you get a recommendation for a top surgeon and just run with that because someone said he was your guy?  Possibly.  Is it more likely that you’d do some thorough research and get more than one professional opinion?  We’re guessing the latter.  After all, you’re not just seeking someone who can do the job; you need someone who’s highly specialised in this unique condition.

So, when it comes to money matters, why would you put all your eggs in one basket?  Does it really make sense to leave all these decisions up to one person?  Or would it be better to broaden your horizons and be guided by the expertise of others?

The thing is, your financial advisor might know more about money than you, but it doesn’t mean they know everything.  In fact, we’ve found that people tend to shy away from something they don’t understand or perceive as some kind of threat.  Your advisor would have you believe that only their opinion matters.  They’re often not open to the fact that there could be a better way than their way.  And we don’t blame them for this, but it’s not exactly acting in your best interest.

Of course, the other thing is that we are also a team of experts.  GSA doesn’t just go in all gung ho, scalpel in hand, hoping for the best.  We have decades of combined industry experience.  Plus, we’ve done the research and due diligence to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome.  We’re your financial transformation specialists, after all.  That’s really all the advice you need.

Still sound good?  Then what are you waiting for?  Your financially-free future is one quick phone call away.