Did 2020 send you on a bit of a bender?  If you’re like many, you were probably left feeling like you’d been hit by a large truck.  Confused, shaken, and not really quite knowing which way is up.  But with any good bout of rockiness comes imminent recovery.

And despite flirting briefly with a slight price decline, the property market has also bounced back with renewed vigour.  By December last year, all the main markets were picking up speed, with national housing prices expected to gain up to 3.7%.  And it seems that 2021 is showered and ready to go – with all signs pointing to ongoing recuperation.

So, how has property managed to beat the aftereffects to give home values the big comeback?

Several key factors are behind it all.


1.  Record low interest rates

The Reserve Bank didn’t hold back in 2020, leaving a string of interest rate cuts in its wake.  Statistically, rate cuts have seen property prices rise as much as 8% over the following two years.


2.  Increased consumer confidence

Despite the tears and headache of last year, consumer confidence has reached a 10-year high since 2010.  This is all thanks to positive economic news and improvements in personal finances.


3.  Mass first home buyer incentive

In a flurry of enthusiasm, first home buyers have seized the opportunity for more funding.  First homeowner loans jumped 48% since September 2020, as thousands took advantage of the grants on offer.


With property prices expected to rise even further, now would be a great time to get in on the action.  Then you can relax and let the market do the work.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way in – give us a call.  Our proven investment strategy is here to put more pep in your financial step.