What?  Wait a minute!  The RBA is doing what, now?

After six straight interest rises, a recent Aussie Home Loans survey has found that almost one in five borrowers are experiencing significant mortgage stress.  So, what is the RBA going to do about it?

They’re hiking their rates up even more!

There’s talk of RBA raising the cash rate as high as 3%, with economists predicting a peak of 3.35%.  The bank recently announced their latest point rise to 2.6%.  That’s a fair leap from the previous 1.85%.

As if full heads of hair around the country weren’t already falling out, this news has got Australian households reaching for the brown paper panic bag.

With only four in ten mortgage holders having budgeted for a 3% or under rate rise, more than half of homeowners nationwide are about to face a total financial meltdown.

Now let’s imagine any one of those borrowers losing their job!

Although some turbulence was expected after years of property supply and demand issues, RBA’s decisions will still hurt a lot of already-struggling families.  And it’s set to announce its next outcome over the coming months, where rates will likely climb once more.

So, how does one cope with all the stress?  It’s up, it’s down.  It’s under, it’s over.  No one quite knows which way is up.  Is there a next move to be made?  Or are we all facing a bit of a financial stalemate?

Homeowners are not getting a chance to catch their breath.  They’re sinking lower and lower into the cesspool of debt when what they really need is a lifeline.

If only there were other options.  A way out.

That’s where GSA comes in.  We’re the sturdy rope of hope for those who feel like they’re about to go under.  We offer game-changing investment strategies to help mortgagees come up for air.  And not only that.  We also help them get ahead of the curve, so their line of vision is always above the horizon.

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