Imagine having the wherewithal to play landlord to the likes of a US president.

That’s precisely what Aussie investor Steve McKnight did. Boasting a $140 million portfolio, he’s not only leased his properties to everyday Australians; he’s also proudly added the Barack Obama feather to his cap.

Once a fellow member of the dreaded rat race, this former, overly worked accountant was able to cleverly replace his entire salary with passive income from property investment.

And he’s written a book on how to attract this sort of wealth for yourself.

Because he’s the first to admit that the ongoing stress from the daily grind quickly takes its toll on your health.  His doc even told him it was likely to “send him to an early grave”. So, something had to give.

That’s when he did some thorough research and made the change.

He started back in 1999 when he co-purchased a three-bedroom house in Ballarat for a mere $44,000. Three and a half years later, he already had 130 properties under his belt!

His prior suffering helped him realise that people right across the globe have been doing it just as tough.  And he was only too eager to share his insights so that others could experience the same financial freedom.

Here are his top four tips on how he was able to retire by the ripe old age of 32.


1. Don’t rely on the age pension

Working your whole life like a dog only to end up on the age pension isn’t right. You need to find a different way to manage your money if you expect a different outcome. The sooner you do this, the better off you’ll be.


2. Change your beliefs

You might have an ingrained “poor” mindset without realising it. Perhaps outdated ideas based on what your parents and grandparents believed was right. But if you want to achieve more financial success than they did, you’ll need to update your programming.


3. Invest, don’t hoard

Yes, you need savings – but having savings won’t make you rich.  You need to find a way to multiply them to create substantial wealth. You want absolute financial freedom, not just the temporary feeling of being wealthy because you own stuff.


4. Pay it forward

Using your money to help others will attract a reputation and more opportunities to level up the calibre of people in your circle of influence. This creates further opportunities for creating financial abundance.


So, if you’re serious about growing your wealth, and are keen to start as soon as possible, come and talk to us.  Together, we’ll be a force of financial energy to be reckoned with.