As Victoria gets a glimpse of normal life coming out of yet another lockdown, there’s no telling what the market will do.  Just when you think it’s safe to go back into investment waters, there’s every chance we could be plunged into Covid restriction mayhem once more.  Anything can happen.

In particular, the whole social distance thing has played havoc with the Melbourne auction scene.

Although some auctions are still going ahead online, many had to be postponed, with almost 150 withdrawn altogether. That’s pretty poor news for vendors and very disappointing for prospective buyers.

And now, the market has to play catch up as spring auctions extend well into December.

So, things might start to pick up the pace again, but it’s anyone’s game.  If you’re relying on the government to dictate your real estate options, you might find the constant delays and disruptions a bit too much.

But what if you didn’t have to pin your hopes on the usual methods?  What if government health restrictions were no hindrance whatsoever?

That’s where GSA’s property syndication comes in.

Not only can you invest less for larger profits, you’re also not reliant on auction dates and settlement obstacles to get ahead.

If you’re an investor or you want to grow your savings to buy something down the track, this is your golden ticket.

Forget about having to pour over real estate ads on the off chance that something good will come your way.  We already have a good thing.  All you have to do is buy a slice of our property pie, then sit back and watch it grow.  You don’t need to think about reorganising or rescheduling.  Because we have our own timeline.  And you won’t be at the mercy of bureaucracy when it comes to your investment dreams.  You get to call the shots!

Keen to hear more about it?

Come and have a chat with our investment team asap.  We’ll open up your finance options to help you reach your goals faster.