It’s no secret that habits are easily formed but incredibly difficult to break.  And some of them are clearly worse than others.

While many (let’s call them) “rituals” can be helpful,  countless are just plain bad.  Unfortunately, we tend to repeat these things because they make us feel better.  The catch is, of course, that most aren’t doing us any favours.

Think of things like smoking, drinking too much, eating junk food.  All are marvellously feel-good at the time.  Until we step on the scales or find we can no longer walk up a flight of stairs without hyperventilating.  And yet, we’ll continue to inflict these things upon ourselves time and time again.  Will we ever learn?

And you know what?  Money is no different.

How often do we spend our precious dollars on overpriced items we don’t need.  Or even lots of inexpensive things we can definitely do without.  It all adds up!  But we get into a groove.  Money comes in.  Money goes out.  Quite often, we’re not even consciously aware of what we’re doing.  We just spend.  And again, there’s a good chance it’s because it makes us feel momentarily satisfied.  Until the next big bill comes in.

But what if we could be more mindful and purposeful with our choices?  How might it look if we stopped wasting precious resources on empty stuff?  Would our future look brighter?

Let’s look at investment, for example.  Imagine if you made an educated and informed decision to start accumulating money. Rather than forking out $100k for that shiny new bells-and-whistles car, what if you put those hard-earned funds to much better use?  Because like all good decisions, when you invest with purpose, your rewards are inevitable.  Plus, you finally get the chance to kick all that debt guilt to the curb once and for all.

Keen to find out how you can make it all happen?

Give our office a call and book an appointment with one of our investment specialists today.  Because old habits?  Pfft … dead.