Have you ever had a niggling health issue that you tried casually sweeping under the rug?  I mean, who’s got time to muck around with doctor’s appointments and trips to the pharmacy?  Plus, who needs a GP anyway when you’ve got trusty old Dr Google at your fingertips?  All you have to do is type in your symptoms, and the internet will magically reveal what’s wrong with you.

But how many times have you checked your ailments, only to be told that you either have a common cold OR a rare tumour?  Which is it?  How could both be true?  Have you really solved your issue?  Probably not.  Because although it’s all written there in black & white, it doesn’t mean it’s gospel.  Google is not necessarily the expert on all things.  It’s probably best to go see your health specialist in person and get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than good.

The same can be said about the media.  We blindly place our trust in the lines we’re fed on the nightly news or the local paper.  And the majority of us tend to be heavily influenced by what we read or hear.  But do you know what makes most of these news stories so compelling?  Calamity. Fear. Disaster!  That’s right – bad news sells.

These sensationalised headlines are not only captivating; they’re downright reckless!

Countless times has the media predicted some financial crisis or property fiasco.  And countless times have people bought into this scaremongering and acted out of pure panic.  Where’s the harm in that?  Well, this is the stuff that can cause stock markets to crash, for one, as well as all sorts of ruinous domino effects.  And you know what?  80% of the time – these catastrophic predictions never actually eventuate. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon for no reason other than consumer frenzy, and the only outcome is utter chaos.

The short of it is – don’t believe the hype!

Instead, do your research.  Thoroughly.  Arm yourself with all the facts, figures, and common sense first.  Then form your educated opinion.

So, if you want to have your property news delivered in an upfront, no-bones way, come and talk to us.  Our team of (actual) experts will outrank Wikipedia any day.