The weeks leading up to Christmas and beyond are notoriously quiet.  As everyone starts to wind down for the holidays, business tends to get put on hold.  And that usually includes vendor listings, open inspections, and property sales.

Indeed, when you have presents and family and summer barbies on your mind, the last thing you’re thinking about is buying a house.  Especially if you’ve just spent good money getting yours ready for the influx of Yuletide guests.

But the simple fact remains that when market competition is this low, plenty of bargains are to be had.  So, it’s actually the perfect time to bag a property on the cheap instead of hanging out for the Boxing Day sales.

Property expert Michelle May says, “The lead up to Christmas is one of the best times to buy because a couple of very significant things happen.”


1.  The balance between supply and demand begins to even out.


2.  Vendors and agents just want to get a deal done before Christmas so they can all relax for the holidays.


So, where most would-be buyers lose interest at this time of year, it opens up a world of buying opportunities for others.

The other factor to take into consideration is foreign interest.  Once those borders reopen, there’s likely to be a stream of international buyers eager to nab a piece of Aussie market pie.

Of course, many home-seekers are holding out for further price drops.  Maybe they’ll score an even better deal if they just wait it out.  But experts suggest that small price movements are relatively immaterial over a decade.  So, delaying the process won’t really amount to much.  It’s simply a case of when you’re ready to buy – you buy!  And now is as good a time as any, given the unique opportunity.

But May is quick to point out that you still need to have all your ducks in a row before you race out to buy.  It can take longer than you think to get all your finances and affairs in order and be ready to strike.  You still need to be prepared.

However, if you just want to kick back and enjoy the festivities for now, then be our guest.  We’ve got a strategy that you can use any time of the year and still get ahead.  Why not catch up with us for a pre-Chrissy coffee, and we’ll talk you through it.