Got a spare $220,000?  That’s how much extra you’re going to need, on average, to buy in the current market.  Suffice to say, this rather large sum is pushing first home buyers well out of the game.  Of course, that’s in Sydney.

But is Melbourne any better?  Only marginally.

Melbourne’s market is expected to spike 17.6% by the end of the year, pushing the median property price up by an extra $150,000.  And that’s despite the constant lockdowns.

This news comes as somewhat of a surprise given last year’s predictions.  Major banks were anticipating double-digit price falls due to covid income uncertainty.  But it seems the tables have turned.  And it’s created a mass affordability problem across our major cities.

The government is currently seeking new ways for our younger generations to secure a deposit.  Though, this may require dipping into their super.  And while that seems like a great option in the short term, it won’t do them any favours upon retirement.

It hardly seems fair for our future generations.  No one wants to pay rent forever or, indeed, live with their parents! But even older Aussies are feeling the financial pinch.  And though interest rates are still low, when they do rise, even those cheap first homebuyer deposits won’t be enough to ease the strain.  The average Aussie mortgage is going to hurt.

If only there were an affordable way to use your existing savings to buy property – and make a quick profit.  Something to give you enough funding for when the market evens out again.  It could be that little extra that makes all the difference.

We have just the solution.  And here’s the rub – you can use our model, again and again, to pay off your mortgage faster and top up your super.

Imagine how far your finances could stretch with the right strategy and guidance.  Give us a call to find out more.