When it comes to buying a new home, you’re bound to have a few things on your wish list.  Big yard for the kids?  Large kitchen for entertaining?  Lock-up garage for car and storage?  Some are absolute must-haves, while others are would-be-nice extras.

Of course, to get most of your must-haves, you might still need to compromise on a few.  Would you rather have an extra bathroom or be closer to the city?  How about sacrificing garden space for the sake of a walk-in robe?  It’s no secret that it all comes down to price and what you can actually afford.  And if today’s market is anything to go by, you could be hard-pressed finding everything you need within budget.

Much of the cost can be attributed to land value.  Buy something in a great location, and yes, you’ll always have a saleable asset.  But affording that prime spot in the first place is the clincher.  Unless you’re willing to buy a total doer-upperer.  Then you may need to factor in the extra expense of renovating or building delays on a newly developed property.  Neither of these say “ready to move in now”.

So …

Imagine if you could save both money and time on a brand new home that was completely liveable within hours.

Sounds impossible, right?  Surely that’s just a homebuyer mirage.  Well, actually, it’s not.

Ever heard of the 3D printer?  It’s amazing.  It can be used to print anything from coffee cups to firearms, even spare body parts!  And now, it can also print entire houses.

Sure, the exterior walls have an unusual texture somewhat akin to papier mâché.  But don’t let that fool you.  On the inside, it presents as a cosy modern home.  Just like a regular 3D printer, this giant version builds up layers of concrete to create a solid, habitable structure with all the usual creature comforts.  That alone keeps the cost down.

And if you’re looking to move in asap, here’s some equally warming news.  A recent 3D printed home in the Netherlands was up and running within just 48 hours.  Most houses are promised in under a week, with the prototypes getting bigger all the time.  A two bathroom, three-bedroom home is the largest size currently permitted and requires only three people to put the whole thing together.  And, alongside the cost of materials, this speedy turnaround means they’re a heck of a lot cheaper to buy than a regular home – averaging around AUD 400k.

But rest assured that cheap doesn’t automatically mean flimsy.  Recently printed homes in Mexico withstood a 7.4 magnitude earthquake!  That seems as safe as houses, really.

There are, of course, other affordable ways to get into the market sooner.  With us!  What’s more, we don’t do fine print.  We tell it how it is upfront.  So, come and have a friendly, transparent conversation about getting your finances sorted asap.