Winter.  A time when birds fly south.  Bears gather their supplies for their annual hibernation.  And people?  We tend to slow down, pause, and reflect.

But one thing that’s unseasonably picking up pace and coming out to play this winter is the property market.

The cooler months usually predict a market lull as sleepy demand brings things to a walking pace. But it seems that buyer appetite and high sales volumes have created an unprecedented amount of activity.’s Cameron Kusher says the COVID-induced property boom is showing no signs of a dramatic slowdown over the coming months.

There appears to be a spring in the collective homebuyer step akin to that of … well, spring.  That’s some warming news for existing property owners only too happy to sell in this financial climate.  Though, many still intend to wait it out for a few more months.

It’s no surprise that Sydney and Melbourne have taken the lead, with auctions heating up by the thousands.  And it seems that a rabid case of FOMO could be a major culprit.  Buyers are now chafing at the bit to get into the market, having played the COVID waiting game for so long.

But with so much competition, the higher prices and undersupply are still pushing many keen purchasers out of the game.

That’s when an affordable investment strategy really comes into play.  Because anyone struggling to find those extra funds needs a viable solution asap.  Luckily, this is what GSA does best.  We’re here to help homebuyers get into the market sooner and pay off their mortgage without delay.

So, if you’re still feeling lost in the flurry of market mayhem, come and have a chat with us.  We want you to experience that comfortable, cosy, cheerful feeling of creating your best lifestyle yet.