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July 28, 2021

It’s no secret that habits are easily formed but incredibly difficult to break.  And some of them are clearly worse than others. While many (let’s call them) “rituals” can be helpful,  countless are just plain bad.  Unfortunately, we tend to repeat these things because they make us feel better.  The catch is, of course, that …read more…

Let those old habits die … hard

July 22, 2021

You’ve worked hard to save up a pretty penny or two.  And now you’re looking to invest.  Yet, with so many options out there, how do you know which one will provide the income boost you need? The crux is – everything comes with its own risks and gains, so it’s advisable to do a …read more…

Property vs shares: the great debate

July 14, 2021

Once upon a time, a million dollars seemed like an absolute gold mine.  You could buy just about anything you could dream of, pretty much anywhere your heart desired.  Mansion with a pool and ocean-view tennis courts, anyone? But, as much as seven figures still captures our attention, it certainly won’t be providing a rock …read more…

Got a spare mill? Here’s how far it’ll go.

July 7, 2021

Winter.  A time when birds fly south.  Bears gather their supplies for their annual hibernation.  And people?  We tend to slow down, pause, and reflect. But one thing that’s unseasonably picking up pace and coming out to play this winter is the property market. The cooler months usually predict a market lull as sleepy demand …read more…

Hot market creates plenty of winter sunshine

June 30, 2021

According to realestate.com.au, COVID-19 has created a significant surge in housing upgrades across the nation.  With more people working from home, buyers have been willing to pay considerably more for larger properties as they reassess their lifestyle needs. The flexibility of the work from home option is, indeed, appealing.  And it looks as though it …read more…

Living large in a COVID world

June 16, 2021

We get it – picking up the phone to arrange a meeting with someone you don’t know much about can be daunting, to say the least.  That’s why we try to make our meet & greet process as easy and comfortable as possible. From the moment you first speak with one of our consultants to …read more…

What does a meeting with GSA look like?

June 9, 2021

You know what they say about the word assume … (there’s an old joke in there somewhere). Of course, what we mean is, when you believe something without question, you can end up misreading the situation and even bypassing opportunity. Whether you’re talking jobs, relationships, or even that old thing called money. By basing your …read more…

The #1 reason your assumptions are killing your dreams

June 2, 2021

So, you’ve heard about a fantastic new thing that sounds like the answer to your prayers.  It’s innovative, it’s customisable, and it’s affordable.  It’s everything you’ve been looking for.  But when you run the idea by someone you know and trust – they tell you it’s a waste of time and money.  They list all …read more…

Why your well-meaning friend is your not-so-faithful foe

May 26, 2021

It’s no secret that there’s been a significant housing shortage in recent years.  And our old friend COVID didn’t do much to help.  So, if you were poised to snap up an affordable home or investment property, the market did little to provide any sort of encouragement. But guess what? According to the latest Property …read more…

Looking to buy but no homes available? You could be in luck!

May 19, 2021

Let’s take a peek into the life of Harry and Anne. They had always dreamed of owning their own home. A home that was exclusively theirs. A home where they could raise their young family. A home with a yard for the kids and dog to play. A private space where they could entertain friends. …read more…

The story of Harry and Anne

May 12, 2021

A recent news report suggested that the property market had officially lost the plot.  It showed desperate homebuyers camping out for days in the cold and rain just to be the first in line to buy real estate. Faced with a typical first-come / first-served scenario, these market hopefuls braved the wet and uncomfortable conditions …read more…

Don’t be left on the sidelines. Jump in the game!

May 5, 2021

Did we get your attention? That’s because we used a sneaky but common marketing tactic to promote a sense of urgency.  We see it everywhere.  Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re buying into it.  Some call it click-bait.  Others call it journalism gold. Either way, consumers the world over get sucked into the fear of …read more…

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Mahesh Sriramaiah
Mahesh Sriramaiah
I met Tim at my cricket club - CUCC Kings. When he explained how GSA is assisting individuals with wealth transformation, it really got me thinking. Tim was super informative during our meeting and answered all the doubts we had about investments. If we didn’t had a chat with Tim, we would have definitely lost a big opportunity.
Tracey Stephenson
Tracey Stephenson
We found out about this from an ad. Tim from GSA has been awesome! We were sceptical about taking part in something like this, but Tim has put our minds at ease and has been with us every step of the way. Investing our Superannuation in this has been very beneficial and we have often thought it would have been good to be able to have done this earlier. We highly recommend them.
Sumita Sahu
Sumita Sahu
Tim from Growth Syndicates took great efforts to explain how this works as it was a first for us. He was very patient with all our queries and guided us through each step of the process. They are the proud sponsors of CUCC cricket club too hence encouraging budding cricket enthusiasts. Glad to have invested with them.
Dylan Hodgson
Dylan Hodgson
Syndication was a very new concept for me and staff at GSA explained it very well and clearly. Answered all the questions I had about SMSF'S. I was researching many different property strategies and this is the best by miles. Very happy I stumbled across them. Cheers GSA.
Kartheck G
Kartheck G
I was introduced to GSA by a close mate. I was initially sceptical about property syndication and the whole concept behind it was very new to me. I met up with Tim and he patiently went through what syndication is all about and answered all my silly questions. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Tim wasn't pushy at all throughout the entire process. He patiently answered my endless phone calls to him and was always welcoming any questions to ensure that there is no doubt in my mind. Top bloke this guy! I did a lengthy research about GSA (ASIC, ACCC) and concluded that they're a real deal. The whole SMSF thing although very daunting, Tim with his trademark patience and his clear instructions along with their accounting team made it super easy to get my SMSF up and running. He even went that extra mile to download the roll over form for my superannuation company and gave me step by step instructions on how to fill it out. Overall, a very wise decision to go on this journey with GSA (my accountant thinks so too!) and to diversify my portfolio. Brilliant service and honest people to deal with that I am recommending them to all my other mates and colleagues. Keep up the good work Tim and GSA!
Naomi Verrell
Naomi Verrell
Very honest and refreshing, compared to past experiences. Staff at GSA spent time explaining everything clearly and answered all our queries. Very easy to commit.
Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown
Eye opening for sure! The mortgage elimination software was very specific and gave us accurate reporting on our current financial position and where we could be in future years. Very happy with the team at GSA and excited for our future. Would recommend anyone to chat with the team.

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