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Property syndication allows you to effectively grow your financial muscle by combining your resources with other like-minded investors. Not only does it allow you to get into the market sooner, it also provides a strategy to acquire more properties in the future.

Welcome to GSA

Financial Transformations For Everyday Australians

Growth Syndicates Australia is the collaboration of some of Melbourne’s most talented property professionals.

With many years of industry experience in the areas of finance, acquisition, design and planning, sales & marketing – our team of dedicated professionals have come together to offer Australian investors unique opportunities driven by creativity.


Debt Elimination

It is possible to pay off your mortgage in around 5-7 years in a tax-effective way.

Our debt elimination software shows exactly how you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments and how much more you will have for further investment after becoming debt-free.


Wealth Creation

GSA uses crowdfunding platforms and advanced financial modelling tools to generate tax effective, higher than average returns for property investors.

Using your residential equity and available superannuation funds we create the best outcomes to make your money work as hard as you do.


Increase Your Super

Our transition to retirement strategy allows you to work less while earning the same income. Your superannuation balance will continually grow in a tax-effective manner.
Using our high growth trusts, your retirement balance should more than double its current value even after your annual pension drawings.

The Power Of Many

Open the doors to greater opportunities

Investing in property is a popular wealth-creation tool for many Australian investors. Our Property Syndicates open the doors to a broad range of investment opportunities not easily accessible by single investors.

We will then bring together the capital resources of other like-minded investors that will help you achieve your goals quicker.

You work hard for your money. Isn’t it about time you made your money work just as hard for you?

Happy Clients

We make your investment experience as enjoyable and carefree as possible. Our clients are well on their way to being completely debt free and growing their wealth for an early retirement.


Avg Annual Return

Our investors can expect upwards of 20% return through our high-level of due diligence and selection criteria, effective project management and strong alliance partnerships.

Advisory Groups

Our expert team of advisors walk you through how everything works, organises your finances and secures the property. We even have facilities to help with your accounting, purchasing in an SMSF, and managing the property afterwards. You can just sit back and watch your wealth grow!

Million Dollars Invested

To maintain the size and nature of our business, we will not look to exceed $100M in developments in the foreseeable future. Our respective planning and development teams remain comfortable working within this range and provides us the opportunity to be accessible to our valued clients.

Getting Started Is Easy

We’re here to help every step of the way.

  • Register your interest below.
  • Book a one-on-one presentation with one of our experts to discuss your personal requirements and explore current opportunities.
  • Speak to our friendly GSA team about any questions you might have. Call us on 1300 205 556.
  • Take control of your property investment strategy and let us help you get started today.

Our Promise To You

Investing in property can be highly rewarding and fruitful. We want to make your investment experience as easy and carefree as possible. Not only will we provide experience and guidance, but we are also committed to ensuring you, the investor, are well informed throughout the process and that we’re here to help every step of the way. Our associates are highly experienced and top of their game. We all want to realise great commercial outcomes, our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring your journey is an enjoyable one

Clear Your Debt

Our exclusive strategy eliminates any debts you have and builds your wealth for retirement. We use our Wealth Optimiser Tool to show you how to consolidate any outstanding loans, bills and other debts. We can include them in your investment loan so you pay them off and begin to build wealth immediately.

The Power Of Crowdfunding

Do you ever wish you could invest in the same types of properties as high-level investors? Well, now you can. We use the power of crowdfunding to invest in high yield, high growth properties you normally wouldn’t have access to.


Grow Your Wealth

Many of our clients have used this strategy to go from having a $400,000 mortgage and $20,000+ in outstanding debts – to being completely debt free with their home paid off in LESS than 5 years. You can do the same!
Our end-to-end services takes care of everything so you can put your money in & watch your bank account grow.

Best Growth Areas Of Melbourne

We only put money into real estate in the best growth areas of Melbourne. Suburbs such as Kew, Malvern and Brighton where the chance of capital growth is very high.

As we co-develop the properties, we can purchase them at a much lower price and develop them and share the upside development profits.

“These Breakthrough Property Investing Strategies Can Wipe Out Your Mortgage In Under 5 Years – Even If You Owe More Than $400k & Have Mountains Of Debt!”


“The mortgage elimination software was very specific and gave accurate reporting on my current financial position and where I could be in future years. Very clever software program. Knocking off the mortgage in 5 years is my first step, then moving into the wealth creation stage. Very happy with GSA and highly recommend them.”

Michael –

“We’re now on track to reach our financial goals. Researched a number of financial companies and found that GSA are unique in what they do, with exclusive opportunities that make a big difference. The GSA staff are great to deal with and I recommend meeting with them.”

Sue –

“We were looking at investing our super into an opportunity that gave us good returns to help us have a comfortable retirement. We came across GSA who showed us how we can invest in properties by being part of a syndicate and have a solid return and financial security in a short period of time. We know that we are well on track towards retirement by being part of these property development projects that deliver outstanding results. I would encourage other investors to explore this opportunity to secure their financial future and retirement.”

Douglas –
Narre Warren South

“We had always wanted to eliminate our mortgage as fast as we could and have more disposable income each month, but we didn’t have the time to research options to make this a reality. We agreed to meet with Tim and his presentation was very impressive so we decided to join the program. Tim has been extremely supportive throughout the journey so far and continues to keep in touch and assist us wherever he can. We look forward to seeing the results from GSA and hope to grow our portfolio through continued investment opportunities.”

Michelle –

"The staff at GSA were very informative and professional. So much so, that we invested in two projects. The process of setting up the SMSF and processing of documents made easy as they take care of everything with regular contact throughout. A pleasure to deal with."

Paul –

Risk Management

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

Our ‘blue chip’ selection model ensures that we only invest in what we consider to be quality development sites situated favourably within established local and metropolitan infrastructure. We look for opportunities in well established, quality ‘infill’ locations, as well as high-growth areas of Melbourne. Suburbs such as Kew, Malvern and Brighton where the chance of capital growth is very high. This provides us with a good selection of investment opportunities to suit a variety of budgets and strategies.

As the Syndicate manager, we apply comprehensive risk management strategies that ensure that returns to investors are given the best opportunity to perform.


News And Project Updates

Here in our News and Updates section, we will post various articles you may find interesting. If any particular articles mirror your position, please call us on
1300 205 556 (24/7). We can make a difference and guide you to a better financial outcome.

Winner Announcement: Go Fishing Day Giveaway

Winner Announcement: Go Fishing Day Giveaway

We Have A Winner!Congratulations to Stuart from Wonthaggi, the winner of our $200 BCF voucher.  Stuart intends to purchase a new surf rod and add it to his current collection.The team here at GSA is extremely pleased to have provided Stuart his voucher and wish him...

Feeling Frugal?

Feeling Frugal?

That’s ok.  Things are tough out there right now. As many households pull the purse strings a little tighter, the realisation gradually dawns that every penny counts. And with thousands of Australians now hovering in financial no man’s land, how is it even possible to...

Feeling Frugal?

That’s ok.  Things are tough out there right now. As many households pull the purse strings a little tighter, the realisation gradually dawns that every penny counts. And with thousands of Australians now hovering in financial no man’s land, how is it even possible to...

Why Brighton tops the leisure class

Brighton retains the title of one of Melbourne’s top suburbs in terms of lifestyle and proximity.  So, it’s no surprise that the residents here never want to leave! With its fresh bay breezes, six-kilometre shoreline, and a wealth of shopping and entertainment...

Down and out in a down-sizer’s paradise

Forget the Year of the Rat, 2020 is the Year of the Boomer! Empty-nesters, retirees, wealthy older buyers – call them what you will.  But they are a force to be reckoned with as they take the current property market by storm. With enticing ingredients like soft...


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Growth Syndicates Australia is dedicated to helping everyday Australians to improve their lives by making smarter investment decisions. As the Australian property market continues to move further away from the reach of many aspiring home owners, GSA is committed to creating innovative, effective and attainable wealth creation opportunities for its investor community.


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