Once upon a time, a million dollars seemed like an absolute gold mine.  You could buy just about anything you could dream of, pretty much anywhere your heart desired.  Mansion with a pool and ocean-view tennis courts, anyone?

But, as much as seven figures still captures our attention, it certainly won’t be providing a rock star lifestyle any time soon.  Sadly, those days are gone.

In today’s market, a cool mill will only get you so far.  So, you need to decide how you’d rather spend it.  Do you want to stay in the inner city?  Move to the outer burbs?  Or go regional?

Let’s take a look at where and how you can spend your cold hard cash stash.


Here’s what went down in the garden state in 2021. 


In May, an unlivable, ramshackle 2-bedroom house in Richmond sold for $957,000.  Clearly, you’re paying solely for location here.

Move further out towards family-friendly Mitcham, and you could score yourself a slightly larger than average 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-car space home for the likes of $1,005,000.  But you’d want to be okay with a 20km commute to the CBD.

Head to regional areas like Bendigo, however, and an easy $950,000 buys a 4- bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-car space home, almost quadruple the size.  It’s a terrific area if you like a bit of history and art.

Another gold rush town boasting access to skiing and hiking activities is Beechworth.  For a lazy $1,151,000, you can get an enormous 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 2-car space extravaganza.  This might be rather appealing in today’s post-COVID work-from-home climate.

But if you’re set on living the inner urban dream, your million-dollar hoard will still afford you some rather luxurious features.  That’s if you don’t mind living in a shoebox.

Whatever size, location, or lifestyle floats your boat; you may be looking for a little extra helping hand with finances.  If you don’t want to settle but would rather afford your dream property, then come and talk to us about making that happen.

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