Residential tenants have faced an almighty financial handicap over the last few years.  With rental vacancies at an all-time low, rents continue to climb across Australia.  And to say that it’s made it tough for many would be a cruel understatement.

Some struggling families have even been left with no option but to live in motel rooms.  It’s outrageous.  Not to mention completely unsustainable.  And it’s a savage blow to those already just surviving on low incomes.

So, now experts are finally starting to talk rent control.

Because at the moment, it’s really a case of anything goes.  Landlords will happily put their rents up as they please, as long as the market allows it.  But could it be time to take a (long-overdue) stand?

The new proposal would mean tighter restrictions on rental increases during a tenancy.  This would ease some of the financial stress across the nation.

Unfortunately, this situation may only be beneficial in the short term. 

If we follow in Ireland’s footsteps, placing caps on rent and preventing evictions will inevitably disenchant landlords.  They’ll get tired of the intervention (not to mention picking up the financial slack) and opt out of the market.  This, in turn, will place even more strain on rental supply.

Sadly, many landlords treat their properties as a means to get rich rather than provide shelter for those in need.  But that only works if they buy the right investment, for starters.  Most fail to understand this.  So, we’re left with hordes of property owners scrounging for what little profit they can get, but never really getting ahead.  And thousands of homeless subsequently left stranded.

The smarter way to invest is to find a strategy that allows you to spend less while still guaranteeing the big returns.  And one that doesn’t rely on upping the rent, while still reaping the financial gains.  That’s where our property syndication model comes into play.  It’s not only a win for investors; it also frees up other housing for those who need it and keeps our rental prices stable.

Ask us about this alternative strategy today.  You can make a difference.