There is no shortage of real estate in Australia, but many Aussies simply don’t have the funding to get amongst it.

Of course, the sad truth is – truckloads of foreign investors do have the money, and have been slowly squeezing out investment opportunities for the average resident for some time now.

It’s happy days for the sellers out there. If someone is willing to pay more for their property, they don’t care where the money comes from as long as they make top dollar.

So, for all the regular folk hoping to purchase an investment property, or indeed, even find a place to live – the choices become increasingly limited due to budgetary restrictions. They don’t have the luxury of owning the home of their dreams, let alone that exclusive rental in the latest real estate catalogue. More and more, they find themselves having to settle for less and make do with mediocre.

But this property predicament is largely due to some out-dated thinking – you get a decent job, work hard, save up, buy the ideal house, and comfortably pay off a 30-year mortgage. Buying investments seemed like something for only the wealthy and elite. In reality, many homeowners have had to compromise on quality and location in order to stay afloat. And even thinking about acquiring decent investment real estate on top of this is enough to make most people laugh nervously into their cheque book.

If only there were a new way of thinking that would allow ‘mums and dads’ to climb out of this rut. A way to access the blue-chip investments with less money to secure their financial future. As counter-intuitive as that sounds …

Bingo! Property syndication.

Finally – the opportunity to access quality investment real estate with guaranteed high returns – and without breaking the bank. And no, you’re not dreaming!

Overseas investors – do your worst. We’ve beaten the system, and Australian investors can now get a financial foothold like never before. It’s time to talk to one of our consultants and claim a piece of Australian investment soil for your very own.