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Are there any setup costs or joining fees?

You won’t be charged any application or joining fees. Of course, any third-party costs such as banking, accounting and legal setup fees would be additional.

Once I invest are there any further costs from the project I should be aware of? (annual fees, ongoing costs, body corporate, insurance, rates, etc…)

We calculate all the costs to manage your project from start to finish and we present this figure to you before investing. There are never any hidden fees or charges.

How is syndication more profitable than regular investment properties?

Our unique model allows you to own a share of an entire building in high growth areas. This gives you access to properties worth $2 million+ which is out of reach for most investors. We outperform regular investment properties with wholesale investing which means you immediately get part of the development profits – PLUS, you won’t pay any GST which goes directly to your bottom line profit. You also share in the rental return for the whole building rather than dealing with tenancy vacancies in a single residence.

Can I use my superannuation?

Yes, you can use the money in your SMSF to invest in our syndicates if you have it set up in the correct legal structure.

Where are the properties located?

We focus on the southeastern corridor of Melbourne. Some of our current projects are in Malvern East, Kew, Glen Iris, Brighton and Mont Albert.

Are there special regulations surrounding property syndication?

The main concerns are to ensure everything is set up correctly for tax purposes and to clarify the ownership details of all parties. We prefer to use trusts as our investment vehicle for the tax benefits and protection of all unitholders.

What are the risks and how is my money protected?

Every development or investment carries some risk. We mitigate these risks by aligning ourselves with experts and high-level professionals which gives us the best chance of success. We detail the entire project cost at the beginning, however, the project is funded and built in stages. This means you don’t pay the entire amount in advance which mitigates your financial risk.

What ownership documentation do I receive?

You get several identifying documents to clarify your ownership in the syndicate which includes a ‘sale of units agreement’ and a ‘unique unit certificate’.

What are my responsibilities regarding the syndicate and managing the project?

Managing the project is completely passive. You won’t ever be asked to do anything regarding the development stages. We keep you updated regularly on all the projects you have invested in and you can always contact us if you have any questions about the project. There are no real responsibilities regarding the syndicate either. If there are ever any issues, we’ll hold a meeting for all members and you’ll be notified well in advance.

Why is it a 5-year investment and can I leave the term early?

A 5-year term gives you the biggest tax advantages like minimised Capital Gains Tax and maximised depreciation benefits. If you need to leave before the term ends, that’s fine. The units you have invested in are yours to do with as you wish. You can sell them within the syndicate or to the open market and with no penalties.

Can I invest in multiple syndications?

Of course. We always suggest Investors start with a single project and then extend across other opportunities as they arise and your personal cashflow allows.

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