Let’s ponder the term “added extras” for a moment.

Sometimes it refers to cool stuff like pre-installed steaming services on your tv, or heated seating for your car.

But it can also spell trouble when it comes to things like real estate investment.

Did you realise just how much additional cost you’re up against when purchasing a property?

Take a look at the following upfront expenses:

  1. Agent fee
  2. Mortgage application fee
  3. Title transfer fee
  4. Legal/conveyancing fees
  5. Inspection fees
  6. Stamp duty

With added extras like these – who needs that family holiday, anyway!

The truth is – you’ll be needing a whole lot more than just your deposit.  That is if you go it alone.

But wouldn’t you rather spend all that hard-earned cash on other things?

Well, you can!

Because now you have the option to forego all those “hidden” costs.  Plus, the opportunity to make more money on your investment using less equity.

This is how property syndication works.  We take care of all the extra expenses, while you sit back and let your investment funds do the talking.

Of course, what this means is – now you really can get those heated seats for your car!  And let’s face it, if you live in Melbourne, your body will thank you.

So, if you’re ready to kick the usual investment strategies to the curb for some serious profit power, give us a call.

Our GSA consultants go the extra mile to help you find a prosperous future.