Masks might be all the rage right now, but not every superhero wears a cape!  Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Flash – all cloak-free.  Yet, their powers were extraordinary!

And there’s another dynamic contender that’s perhaps a bit of an unsung hero.  Equity.  The silent ninja of investment.  Often an overlooked source of funding, equity gives you the power to invest when cash is tight.  But many Aussies either don’t understand how it works, or don’t realise it’s even an option.

So, what exactly is equity?

Equity represents the value that would be returned to the bank if all your assets were liquidated.  So, it acts as security against further loans, giving you greater borrowing capacity. It’s an effective way to build your investment portfolio and increase your cash flow.

In a nutshell, equity equals opportunity.

And as Property Magazine puts it –


“The true beauty of equity is that it increases over time, isn’t taxed like your hard-earned savings are, and can be used to help you climb the property ladder much faster.”


What can equity do for you?  Here are the primary benefits:


  1. Deposit power

 You can use some of the capital in your home as a deposit for investment purposes.


  1. Leverage

The more equity you have, the more a lender is likely to help you out.


So, if you’re considering this type of capital, we have the perfect investment opportunity!  It’s a more affordable and lucrative option than many alternatives.  And you get your rewards much sooner!

Give us a call today!  We’ll help you fight off debt to protect your future (cape-free).