Did we get your attention?

That’s because we used a sneaky but common marketing tactic to promote a sense of urgency.  We see it everywhere.  Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re buying into it.  Some call it click-bait.  Others call it journalism gold.

Either way, consumers the world over get sucked into the fear of missing out every single day.

And do you know what happens nine times out of ten?  That guilty sense of buyer’s remorse kicks in.  Because people simply don’t think it through.  They’re so worried that everyone else will have the thing they don’t have, that all they care about is having it too.  Even if they don’t really need it or it’s a total scam.  Sleazy salesmen prey on this behavioural trait all the time.

The truth is – rash decisions and impulse buys will invariably end with you sitting in a great big vat of hot water.

Once it’s done, it’s done.  It’s too late – you’re in too deep.  And it’s very hard to come back from these momentary lapses of judgement.

Of course, buying property is no different.  Even your trusted advisor can lead you down a dark and rocky path if you’re desperate enough for change. That’s often why investors make poor choices.  They want the magic quick fix, regardless of the potential consequences.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we’ve seen the whole range of consumer emotions.  Stress, doubt, fear, longing, hope.  A need to make things better, but not really knowing where to start.  Then often jumping on board something that sounds too good to be true.

So, we take a different approach.  Because we not only want you to feel like you won’t miss out; we also want you to have plenty of time to make an informed decision.  That’s why we reserve you a spot in our limited-subscription projects while we unravel all the questions and doubts you may have.  We lay our cards on the table over several meetings so that you’re not pressured to make any split-second decisions. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with your choice so you can actually sleep easy at night!

Although GSA certainly has an effective attention-grabbing strategy – we don’t resort to shady tricks to get results.  We merely don’t want you to miss out on having a financially-secure future.  So, give us a call and hear us out.