Imagine someone offering you a fantastic deal on something that you didn’t need.  The sort of product or service that sounds so compelling; you wish you did have a use for it.

Would you walk away and forget about it?

Or would you wrack your brains trying to think of someone who could benefit from it?  After all, if you were in the market for this thing, you’d be the first to say yes.  So, it seems only fair to share the love.

The crux of it is – some things are just not for you.

Whether that’s because you already have it, you’re unable to fund it, or you’re simply not interested.  Everyone’s situation is unique.  But just maybe it’s right for someone else.

And property syndication is no different.

Because did you know that a lot of our investors have actually been referred to us?  That’s right – much of our business has come from the recommendations of friends, colleagues, or family members.

Many of our referrals were also from happy customers.  People who had wonderful things to say about us then ran to tell everybody else they knew. And we love this!  Word of mouth is a powerful force.  Because it creates instant trust – and that’s something we don’t take for granted.

So, if you want to be a great mate – go ahead and spread the word!

All it takes is one quick phone call to set up an obligation-free meeting.  That’s a minuscule half-hour of someone’s time to talk about a strategy that could change the rest of their life.

If you’re not in a position to take advantage of our game plan, then have a chat with the folks you know.  It might just be the thing they’ve been looking for.