The Baby Boomers had it good, didn’t they?  Large, comfortable homes, affordable mortgages, and hard-earned, well-timed retirement dates.  I mean, that’s the way life should be, right?  We all want to live well and enjoy our golden years in peace.

But over the past decade or more, this great Aussie dream has become further and further out of reach.  It’s certainly alarming news for Generation X, not to mention those coming up through the ranks of Gen Y and beyond.

The cold hard truth is, if you’ve been looking forward to retirement, it might not be time to relax just yet.  According to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, an ageing population becomes an economic time bomb if not dealt with appropriately.  It means, of course, that over the long term, more people will have to work longer.

Whoa – time bomb?  Work longer?  Back up …

Well, recent data shows that the proportion of people over 65 in the workforce has already climbed over the past 5 years.  It appears there’ll be a push to increase it further – with older working Australians having to re-train to keep up to date with the jobs market.

Now, that doesn’t sound a whole lot like hammock-strung palm-treed bliss, does it?

The harsh reality is – if we want to live longer, we have to be able to pay for it.

So, if the steady ticking seems somewhat disarming, it could be that you don’t have a solid plan of attack.  The good news is, a carefully prepared strategy will help defuse your financial concerns.  And better still, GSA has an easy, time-effective solution that you can put in place asap.

Talk to one of our senior investment strategists about dismantling your retirement woes.  Your future self will thank you.