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Real Estate Crowd-Funding
& What You Don't Know About Property Investing That Is Making Others Millions.

  • Revealed: How to speed up your property portfolio through crowd-funding leading to financial freedom.
  • Discover the reason why traditional methods are outdated, how forward thinking people are winning big, and how, if you qualify, you can too.
  • Finally: A chance to see real returns from real-estate strategies.

Most people don’t know about the property investing methods used by the ultra wealthy.

You may have heard the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, it’s a commonly accepted reality of our world. What is less commonly known is the answer to this question: “HOW”…

The simple answer to the question is that, in most cases, it takes money to make money…

How does this apply to the world of property ownership and investments?

Well, the real estate investment opportunities that have the best chance of getting a high return on investment are usually exclusive multi-million dollar deals.

So, unless you have a few million dollars lying around, these lucrative deals are completely out of reach.

Hence, the rich get richer…

The real estate deals that the vast majority of Australians can access take a long time to produce a high return.

By the time these properties have produced a high return on investment, inflation will be much higher, which will be a big hit to the investment.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the stress that comes with taking out the mortgage...

Building a property portfolio seems like the perfect plan at the time of purchase!

But no one warns you about all the government fees, taxes and escalating rates. Not to mention all the additional costs like utilities, repairs, and more. If you have owned a house for a while now, you probably know all about this….

Hence, the poor stay poorer…

Owning a home is supposed to solve retirement worries, not add to them. I don’t know about you, but this makes me wonder if buying a home is a smart investment.

Now it’s not all bad news, after all, the promise of this article is “What You Don't Know About Property Investing That Is Making Others Millions”....

So now let's get to the good news!

A large property portfolio is achievable through the right property investment approach!

There is a way to systematically use property investing to get the returns needed to reduce and eventually eliminate your mortgage. Keep reading to find out how it works. 


Alternatively, we can explain it simply on the phone.

Did you know that lucrative property investment opportunities are now becoming accessible to everyday Australians through crowdfunding? 

Teamwork truly does make the dream work... 

Regular home-owning is called ‘retail’ investing, and that’s the common method of property investment for everyday Australians.

People buy properties in the hopes that this will pay off in the long-run. Some may purchase a couple of properties in the hopes of creating a property portfolio.

And then there is 'wholesale' investing (the “rich get richer" method).

The primary difference between them is the ability to own a piece of an entire development and enjoy higher rental returns and a share of the growth across the entire development.

So why is wholesale investing so successful?

It is not easy to access if you are not a Professional Investor. The wealthy usually organise long and diligent researches into future land development options. Once they find suitable land, they buy it.

Residential development follows, and the future property becomes extremely valuable. The investors sell once there is a high demand for the property. The profits are staggering, and the process is repeatable. 

But this is not the only benefit… Wholesale investing also skips many taxes and fees.

Check out all these benefits…

But these are not the only benefits. Wholesale investing can provide high returns faster through the uplift in the value of a development and has an even higher reward if you wait for 5 years or more to sell. You completely avoid GST!


Wholesale Investor means - You are the developer.

Here are the 5 components of the high return on investment:

  •  Initial uplift in value - Site Repurpose
  • GST Savings due to Input Tax
  • Unit Trust Distributions
  • Depreciation Allowances
  • Capital Growth
  • Initial uplift in value - Site Repurpose
  • GST Savings due to Input Tax
  • Unit Trust Distributions
  • Depreciation Allowances
  • Capital Growth

The Requirements To Qualify for Wholesale Investing... Without Crowd-Funding.

Usually, it is difficult to qualify for wholesale investing. The requirements usually include:

  • Net assets of at least $2.5 million
  • A gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000.
  • A person or entity is willing to invest $500,000 or more into the fund.

Can we help you access wholesale investing benefits if you don't match that criteria?

Yes, it can be still possible for people to access this opportunity through real estate crowd-funding. It is our technique for mid-level property investors to access remarkable benefits. A few of these benefits include:

  •  Investment is managed by an experienced and already-successful project manager.
  • We do all the tedious study to find a lucrative whole investment opportunity.
  • Risk is significantly decreased with our customer protection policies.

What Is Real Estate Crowd-Funding?

It is the process of gathering funds through many people. These funds are invested into larger opportunities. You join a group of people who ride the same boat with the same goals, taking the same small risks, to win! Everyone is contributing and everyone receives their share of the returns.

Our real estate crowd-funding is exactly this but used for wholesale investing.


To make it easy, a wholesale manager handles all the investment organisational demands. This means you will have more time on your hands compared to regular property investing. You can even watch your investments succeed through our property cloud Client portal.

Real-Estate crowd-funding also means you do not have to learn the complications behind wholesale investing.

That is why we offer Real Estate Crowd-Funding.

​You can let the experts handle it. It is the perfect side-project for you, ensuring you have a solid nest-egg.

This is exactly what many of our clients have accessed.  We believe in investing with a purpose.  They have accessed our wholesale systems to become mortgage FREE. They did not have to face a mortgage through retirement.

Too​ Good To Be True?

Can you explain how hundreds of wholesale investing projects succeed yearly?

There is a clear reason why Australia is growing so quickly, and it is due to the high demand to live here. This demand is only growing as other countries over-populate. Australia is on the go-to list for comfortable/safe living. Hence, this is the gold rush era of wholesale property investment.

 Residential development is the focal point of Australian growth. Wholesale investing is at the heart of its profits. Warren Buffet says "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful". 

Despite the evidence of the power of wholesale property investing, people may back out because they think this "is too good to be true, what are the risks involved?" 

They never consider… what are the risks of not doing this?






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