Which savings account is better?


Have you been with the same bank since you were a kid?  Maybe it’s been the family go-to for decades, and you had never thought to change.  Or perhaps, you’re more the adventurous type who likes to explore all their available options.  Whatever your situation, do you know how to recognise a good bank when you see it?  And when it comes to your savings, can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?

With interest rates hitting record lows, we couldn’t blame you for throwing in the towel.  Why bother putting your money into any financial institution if they’re all going to leave you high and dry?  Perhaps you’d be just as well leaving your stash under the mattress like the good old days.

But instead of settling for a measly 0.10%, it might surprise you to know that several banks can do much better than that.  Some are offering as high as 2 – 2.5%.  But interest rates alone do not maketh the nest egg.  There are other important factors to consider when choosing the best savings account.


1. Monthly minimums:

Some banks require you to have a minimum in your account to avoid monthly charges.

2. Reputation:

A good bank should provide proven security, reliability and value for their customers.

3. Customer service & ease of use:

Intuitive websites and clearly-spoken support teams are highly-desirable attributes.


Of course, a solid interest rate is nothing to be sneezed at.  What’s more, GSA has negotiated access to a large hedge fund, and you could qualify for projected quarterly returns of 8% p.a.

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