Down and out in a down-sizer’s paradise

Down and out in a down-sizer’s paradise

Forget the Year of the Rat, 2020 is the Year of the Boomer!

Empty-nesters, retirees, wealthy older buyers – call them what you will.  But they are a force to be reckoned with as they take the current property market by storm.

With enticing ingredients like soft lending conditions and fresh-cut interest rates, home buyers have the perfect recipe for securing the property of their dreams.  That is, except for the final splash of steep price increases which turns it all a bit sour.  And it’s left a foul taste in the mouths of those hungry to enter the housing market. It seems that it’s not only the interest rates experiencing a sense of depletion, with house hunters now losing all hope.

Unwittingly stretching the generation gap further, the “oldies” are cashing in on a lifetime of prosperity as they sell up their family homes in favour of something smaller and more manageable.

According to Real Estate Buyers Agents Association president Cate Bakos,


The sorts of challenges that most buyers face, including valuations and gaining finance approval, are obviously not a concern for a buyer who is not impacted by a shortfall.”


Older, wealthier Aussies can simply afford the residential property of their choosing without all the red tape, giving them the upper hand in a seller’s market.

In Melbourne, Glen Waverley is the top hot spot for downsizers, with Brighton East, Parkdale, Point Cook and Berwick coming in not far behind.

So, can the younger generations even get a look in?

It’s possible with the right strategy.  And a viable option would be to use their savings in the short term to invest in a high-yielding asset.  Rather than relying on scanty interest rates with the bank, they could see their investment returns double in five years – allowing them to purchase more expensive real estate down the track.  GSA prides itself on this strategy.

If you’re discouraged by the Baby Boomer Boom, come and have a chat with us and we’ll soon put a smile back on your face.

Want to be able to spend 53% more when you retire?

Want to be able to spend 53% more when you retire?

How incredible would that be?

But are you secretly worried you’ll run out of money when you finally give up work?  That you won’t have enough to see you through your retirement?

It’s certainly something that weighs heavily on the minds of many.

Well, take a deep breath because the latest research has shown that you may be able to spend way more than you realise, giving wealthier retirees the capacity to spend up to 53% more than anticipated.

To get the most out of your nest egg, you’re going to have to play your cards right – but it’s entirely doable.  So, let’s explore the top 5 tips that will help you dispel your future financial fears.

1. Don’t inflate the situation

There is a tendency amongst retirees to overestimate how much money they need to put aside to account for the increased cost of living.  For example, if inflation is rising at 3% annually, then many people are panicked into thinking they need to have 3% more income to spend every year.

But findings show that numerous investors actually spend a bit less as they go through retirement.  So, you can splurge on more initially to enjoy the things you want, while you can.

2. Beware of the bear

The fear of a market downturn creates a scarcity mindset, seeing many retirees scrimping and saving every penny – just in case.  But a more sensible approach would be to spend while you can, then rein it in when you need to be more discretionary.   Why waste a perfect opportunity to travel or buy a new car for the sake of ‘what ifs’?

3. Do the maths

As you enter retirement, you may find that your previous outlays decrease or disappear altogether, such as paying for a mortgage or commuting.  So, you’d actually have more at your disposal than you first thought.

But there’s an urge to overcompensate for future needs based on your current ones, leaving you with less spending money than necessary.  It’s time to draw up a new budget plan to help with the numbers.

4. Keep a splurge fund

Essentially, this means saving for a rainy day.  If you’ve had a good year and your investments have performed well, then you’ll have a bit more spending money up your sleeve.  But you may not wish to spend it straight away.  So, pop it aside in a separate account for when you do want to take that trip around the world.

5. Axe the tax

Get yourself a personalised tax plan to determine how you can minimise the tax on your super withdrawals, and, therefore, maximise your spending capacity.  There are several financial tools available to help take the guesswork out of this process by predicting an optimal spending strategy to support the lifestyle you’ve earned.

While everyone has different needs and varying income levels, there is always a way to capitalise on what you have.  The rest is up to you.

If you’re looking for alternative strategies to build your nest egg, give GSA a call today.  We have a unique investment opportunity that’s perfect for retirement.

Gambling is not your best bet

Gambling is not your best bet

Most of us have probably enjoyed the odd flutter here and there – maybe on the horses or a cheeky game of poker.  For many, it’s pure entertainment.  You win some, you lose some, you risk little.  It’s play money.

But most of us are not gamblers when it comes to more high-stake scenarios, such as investment.  We prefer a rather serious, long-term relationship with our real money.

Of course, everyone wants a great return on their cash, but that’s proving tricky in the current climate of near-zero interest rates.  Where just decades ago, our savings attracted a princely 16% p.a., relying on the banks to grow your wealth these days is futile.

It’s easy to see why people may want to throw the dice and hope for the best.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  But we know deep down that we’re just not willing to take that chance with our entire life’s savings.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Essentially, you have two options: access all of your money now and whittle it away, or access some of your money now, and leave the rest for future needs.

That’s where a diverse portfolio of investments comes in handy.  Keep a few safe, liquid assets at the ready, and pile the rest into longer-term growth assets – like property.  And then our measly interest rates can go to work.  New investors can enter the property market sooner and gain an unprecedented opportunity to build their equity faster.  The more this happens, the more property prices will rise.  It’s the perfect storm!

A good game is not always a fast game.  Sometimes the slow burn works best.  You want to ensure you not only have a roof over your head when you retire you also want enough to live comfortably for as long as possible.

If you’re looking for a game plan that will go the distance, GSA has just the thing!  Give us a call.  The odds are truly in your favour.

Return to vendor – as prices rise again!

Return to vendor – as prices rise again!

While we were all settling in for a year or two of ailing property prices, it appears the market has made an unexpected rapid recovery.

This miracle comeback saw prices rise faster than you can say inflation, predominantly between September and December last year.  According to market experts, properties in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburb of Canterbury rose by a whopping $400,000 in a mere 12 months!

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shallows, it appears that unit prices have also taken flight, reaching a city-wide record.

Those lucky enough to be breakfasting on a piece of prime real estate pie will no doubt be laughing all the way to their balcony views.  And of course, should they be looking to sell in the current market, they’d certainly fetch a pretty penny.  That is – if they can find a buyer!

Because, even though interest rates are super low, meaning bank loans are more serviceable, people still can’t afford to buy – no matter how much spare cash they have.  Prices are just too high. That makes it even harder to get into the market in 2020.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you’re looking to buy property but can’t seem to get a leg in, you need a smaller slice of pie at a fraction of the cost.  And this is where we come in.  GSA purchases top-notch real estate in Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs.  We do this for the sole purpose of our investors, doubling their investment return after five years.  It’s an easier and more accessible way to grow your wealth.

If you’re struggling to crack the market, this is the perfect time to come on board.  With interest rates still on the ground, it’s a chance to get your foothold and start climbing!

Things might start looking up – if you do

Things might start looking up – if you do

A year from now you may wish you started today” – a wise old quote from author Karen Lamb, and one that quite commonly triggers many of our guilt and panic buttons.

And so, I pose this to you …

What did you accomplish last year? Did you do everything you set out to do? Are you left with any feelings of regret? Were there some things you would like to have tackled but didn’t know how or when? Like your finances, for instance.

Maybe it all seemed too hard. Or perhaps you thought things were fine just the way they were. But there’s a chance you may have developed an inadvertent case of ‘’blinkers on’’.

Although there is some comfort in taking the road well-travelled, standing still and burying your head in the sand could see you missing out on some of life’s greatest opportunities. So, you need to look up every once and a while! Take those blinders off – because the possibilities are out there if you’re willing to see them.

With the silly season well and truly over, it’s now time to face the music.

And if it’s your financial situation that needs a bit of shaking up, do something other than what you’ve been doing. Step outside the box. Go seek out those alternatives and experience life’s potential.

Think about where you’d like to see yourself by the end of this year. Or in five or ten years from now.

It all starts today.

“We build lifestyles’’ is our company motto. It stands to reason that we’re here to do just that – for you. Give us a call to hear more about our life-changing strategy and finally clear that peripheral haze.

Clash of the cold hard cash

Clash of the cold hard cash

Which savings account is better?


Have you been with the same bank since you were a kid?  Maybe it’s been the family go-to for decades, and you had never thought to change.  Or perhaps, you’re more the adventurous type who likes to explore all their available options.  Whatever your situation, do you know how to recognise a good bank when you see it?  And when it comes to your savings, can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?

With interest rates hitting record lows, we couldn’t blame you for throwing in the towel.  Why bother putting your money into any financial institution if they’re all going to leave you high and dry?  Perhaps you’d be just as well leaving your stash under the mattress like the good old days.

But instead of settling for a measly 0.10%, it might surprise you to know that several banks can do much better than that.  Some are offering as high as 2 – 2.5%.  But interest rates alone do not maketh the nest egg.  There are other important factors to consider when choosing the best savings account.


1. Monthly minimums:

Some banks require you to have a minimum in your account to avoid monthly charges.

2. Reputation:

A good bank should provide proven security, reliability and value for their customers.

3. Customer service & ease of use:

Intuitive websites and clearly-spoken support teams are highly-desirable attributes.


Of course, a solid interest rate is nothing to be sneezed at.  What’s more, GSA has negotiated access to a large hedge fund, and you could qualify for projected quarterly returns of 8% p.a.

The good news is – early registration to join the priority queue is open from the 15th December.  Contact [email protected] to join the list and receive our prospectus as soon as it’s available.