Don’t miss this life-changing FOMO article!

Don’t miss this life-changing FOMO article!

Did we get your attention?

That’s because we used a sneaky but common marketing tactic to promote a sense of urgency.  We see it everywhere.  Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re buying into it.  Some call it click-bait.  Others call it journalism gold.

Either way, consumers the world over get sucked into the fear of missing out every single day.

And do you know what happens nine times out of ten?  That guilty sense of buyer’s remorse kicks in.  Because people simply don’t think it through.  They’re so worried that everyone else will have the thing they don’t have, that all they care about is having it too.  Even if they don’t really need it or it’s a total scam.  Sleazy salesmen prey on this behavioural trait all the time.

The truth is – rash decisions and impulse buys will invariably end with you sitting in a great big vat of hot water.

Once it’s done, it’s done.  It’s too late – you’re in too deep.  And it’s very hard to come back from these momentary lapses of judgement.

Of course, buying property is no different.  Even your trusted advisor can lead you down a dark and rocky path if you’re desperate enough for change. That’s often why investors make poor choices.  They want the magic quick fix, regardless of the potential consequences.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we’ve seen the whole range of consumer emotions.  Stress, doubt, fear, longing, hope.  A need to make things better, but not really knowing where to start.  Then often jumping on board something that sounds too good to be true.

So, we take a different approach.  Because we not only want you to feel like you won’t miss out; we also want you to have plenty of time to make an informed decision.  That’s why we reserve you a spot in our limited-subscription projects while we unravel all the questions and doubts you may have.  We lay our cards on the table over several meetings so that you’re not pressured to make any split-second decisions. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with your choice so you can actually sleep easy at night!

Although GSA certainly has an effective attention-grabbing strategy – we don’t resort to shady tricks to get results.  We merely don’t want you to miss out on having a financially-secure future.  So, give us a call and hear us out.

12 ways to go from property zero to portfolio hero

12 ways to go from property zero to portfolio hero

You’ve probably heard of the snowball effect – when one small thing builds upon itself to rapidly form something much bigger.  Well, the same principle applies when it comes to growing a successful investment portfolio. It’s called equity.

But it can be tricky knowing how, when, and what to do to get that ball rolling.  And when we hear tales of only a select few having mastered it, it leaves the rest of us wondering if we’ll ever achieve that kind of success.  Most people are lucky to own even one investment property, let alone a whole huddle.

So, here are a few insider tips that can help shift your thinking and have you investing like a pro.


1.  Stay below market value

Buying at market value is a rookie mistake. Look for cheaper options to start building your equity asap.


2.  Buy at the right time    

Getting your timing right is everything.  The ideal time to buy is when a declining market is just starting to rise again.


3.  Don’t cross collateralise

Reduce risk by only having one loan with a lender at any one time.


4.  Put in lots of offers

Just keep putting in the offer – no matter how outrageous it sounds.


5.  Watch for tax, interest, and legal changes

Keep an eye on the big picture to stay ahead of the game.


6.  Hunt for those 95% loans

You’ll need a good credit score for this one, but it offers you the chance to make a smaller deposit.  i.e. secure more property faster.


7.  Use interest-only loans

Make better use of your income by lowering your repayments and maximising your tax deductions.


8.  Get a mortgage broker

A good one!  When things get tricky, or you simply don’t know what you’re doing, a broker can help you navigate to grow your portfolio faster.


9.  Get property revalued

Every time your property goes up in value – you have more equity to play with.  If you neglect this step, you can miss out on fantastic opportunities.


10.  Value up with renos

By adding value to your property, you can gain even more equity much faster.  Renovations are a great way to do this.


11.  Create positive cashflow

The money you receive from your investment property should outweigh its expenses.  You can use this surplus to better service your existing properties to create more equity.


12.  Look after your tenants

Your tenants are your cashflow. So, fix stuff when it needs doing, and the property will maintain its value.  Plus, your tenants will stick around.


If you’re still looking to get a foot in the door, but your finances are just too tight, it’s time to talk to us.  We’ve got a strategy that gets you in the game sooner, for far less upfront capital.  Amazing, right?

Remember – to stand still requires nothing. But to move forward, that first step is everything.

Recovery from a 2020 hangover

Recovery from a 2020 hangover

Did 2020 send you on a bit of a bender?  If you’re like many, you were probably left feeling like you’d been hit by a large truck.  Confused, shaken, and not really quite knowing which way is up.  But with any good bout of rockiness comes imminent recovery.

And despite flirting briefly with a slight price decline, the property market has also bounced back with renewed vigour.  By December last year, all the main markets were picking up speed, with national housing prices expected to gain up to 3.7%.  And it seems that 2021 is showered and ready to go – with all signs pointing to ongoing recuperation.

So, how has property managed to beat the aftereffects to give home values the big comeback?

Several key factors are behind it all.


1.  Record low interest rates

The Reserve Bank didn’t hold back in 2020, leaving a string of interest rate cuts in its wake.  Statistically, rate cuts have seen property prices rise as much as 8% over the following two years.


2.  Increased consumer confidence

Despite the tears and headache of last year, consumer confidence has reached a 10-year high since 2010.  This is all thanks to positive economic news and improvements in personal finances.


3.  Mass first home buyer incentive

In a flurry of enthusiasm, first home buyers have seized the opportunity for more funding.  First homeowner loans jumped 48% since September 2020, as thousands took advantage of the grants on offer.


With property prices expected to rise even further, now would be a great time to get in on the action.  Then you can relax and let the market do the work.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way in – give us a call.  Our proven investment strategy is here to put more pep in your financial step.

Extra, extra. Read all about it!

Extra, extra. Read all about it!

Let’s ponder the term “added extras” for a moment.

Sometimes it refers to cool stuff like pre-installed steaming services on your tv, or heated seating for your car.

But it can also spell trouble when it comes to things like real estate investment.

Did you realise just how much additional cost you’re up against when purchasing a property?

Take a look at the following upfront expenses:

  1. Agent fee
  2. Mortgage application fee
  3. Title transfer fee
  4. Legal/conveyancing fees
  5. Inspection fees
  6. Stamp duty

With added extras like these – who needs that family holiday, anyway!

The truth is – you’ll be needing a whole lot more than just your deposit.  That is if you go it alone.

But wouldn’t you rather spend all that hard-earned cash on other things?

Well, you can!

Because now you have the option to forego all those “hidden” costs.  Plus, the opportunity to make more money on your investment using less equity.

This is how property syndication works.  We take care of all the extra expenses, while you sit back and let your investment funds do the talking.

Of course, what this means is – now you really can get those heated seats for your car!  And let’s face it, if you live in Melbourne, your body will thank you.

So, if you’re ready to kick the usual investment strategies to the curb for some serious profit power, give us a call.

Our GSA consultants go the extra mile to help you find a prosperous future.

A further development in the housing storey

A further development in the housing storey

GSA is all for housing development.

But the recent health scare has not only shaken this sector; it’s also unnerved many would-be investors.  Just when the market was gaining momentum at the start of the year, the outbreak threw a hefty spanner in the works.

Yet, property development is merely taking a breather while it assesses the damage.  And according to the Australian Residential Development Review (2020), there are 10 major trends to watch for over the coming year.


1. More high-density sites

Suitable high-density development sites make up 70.6% of the housing market, reflecting ongoing demand for low-maintenance living.


2. Less offshore buying sites

Almost 68% of Aussie see development land as an opportunity, with fewer sites purchased by offshore developers.


3. Pressure on build cost & delivery

Construction crews carried on throughout the lockdown, putting pressure on building supply chains.  The cost of construction rose by 2.7% across Australia in 2019 and continues to climb.


4. Average block of land increases

The average land lot in Australia grew to 421 sqm in 2019, up 3 sqm from the previous year – with the average lot price falling by 4.3%.


5. Smaller new houses / larger new apartments

The average Aussie house in 2019 was 1.3% smaller than the previous year, while the average new apartment size was 3.2% larger.

This trend reflects the rightsizing movement as investors weight up space vs cost.


6. Fewer apartments in the pipeline 

The planned delivery of apartments will be 27.3% less than those completed over the past four years.


7. Higher buildings with more apartments

Previous high-density projects averaged nine storeys. It’s expected to rise to 14 storeys, and up to 17 storeys in Melbourne alone.


8. Population growth to pause

Residential vacancy is expected to be in oversupply as restrictions remain in place for overseas visitors. This will potentially reduce median weekly rents.


9. Favourable conditions for offshore buyers

The value of the Aussie dollar has attracted offshore interest. However, recent changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board may hinder purchase approval.


10. Buyers not taking any risks

Despite lower borrowing costs, the coronavirus still has investors spooked. Local buyers are sitting idle until the full impact of the virus is known.


With so many twists and turns, investors must be getting anxious to make a move.  But they still have to weigh up all the variables of affordability and market trends.  And quite often, neither will work in their favour.

Of course, those with a solid passive income stream have the power to invest despite the current trends.

And one of the best ways to secure passive income is to invest with our syndication model.

So, if you want to be in control of your next financial chapter, give us a call today.

Equity: The superhero of investment

Equity: The superhero of investment

Masks might be all the rage right now, but not every superhero wears a cape!  Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Flash – all cloak-free.  Yet, their powers were extraordinary!

And there’s another dynamic contender that’s perhaps a bit of an unsung hero.  Equity.  The silent ninja of investment.  Often an overlooked source of funding, equity gives you the power to invest when cash is tight.  But many Aussies either don’t understand how it works, or don’t realise it’s even an option.

So, what exactly is equity?

Equity represents the value that would be returned to the bank if all your assets were liquidated.  So, it acts as security against further loans, giving you greater borrowing capacity. It’s an effective way to build your investment portfolio and increase your cash flow.

In a nutshell, equity equals opportunity.

And as Property Magazine puts it –


“The true beauty of equity is that it increases over time, isn’t taxed like your hard-earned savings are, and can be used to help you climb the property ladder much faster.”


What can equity do for you?  Here are the primary benefits:


  1. Deposit power

 You can use some of the capital in your home as a deposit for investment purposes.


  1. Leverage

The more equity you have, the more a lender is likely to help you out.


So, if you’re considering this type of capital, we have the perfect investment opportunity!  It’s a more affordable and lucrative option than many alternatives.  And you get your rewards much sooner!

Give us a call today!  We’ll help you fight off debt to protect your future (cape-free).