The ebb and flow of recession, and what it means for you

The ebb and flow of recession, and what it means for you

Economists say housing prices could fall as much as 20% if a recession lasts longer than six months (or two consecutive three-month periods).

With the imminent ebb in market growth thanks to the current global pandemic, it’s an alarming realisation for homeowners. Market experts have reported a rush to sell amid the mounting crisis.

While minimal interest rates provide some welcome home loan relief; a dwindling asset value is less than desirable.

If you were looking to sell your home or use it as investment equity in the near future, you might find you’re left a little short-changed.

It could be good news for buyers – though, with many currently being forced out of their jobs, the prospect of snapping up cheap real estate loses much of its sheen. Rather than researching lucrative property options, many households are having to scrape their pennies together just to put food on the table.

When the economy eventually starts to bounce back, it will be happy days for income earners, yet a slow process to full recovery. Even though housing prices may remain low, other essential daily expenses will soar in an effort to stimulate economic growth.

It’s a difficult time for many Australians, most of whom are battling to pay the bills and looking for a way out.

Though cash flow may be tight in this financial climate, there is still a way to generate wealth for the roads ahead.

Rather than relying on salary instalments, you can use your existing superannuation to boost your future comforts.  It’s a transition to a prosperous retirement that doesn’t require any extra funds.

Instead of dipping into your nest egg for immediate cash flow, think long-term gain over short-term relief.  By using your super to invest in GSA’s property syndication plan, you can generate fast and high-yielding rewards and give back to your future self.

Get in touch with our investment team today – and sail the tides of change to a buoyant tomorrow.

Need a stress-free financial experience? You’ll never believe what you can do!

Need a stress-free financial experience? You’ll never believe what you can do!

Are you caught in a vicious circle of money in – money straight back out again?  Does it sometimes feel like you’re taking two steps backwards for every tentative step forward?

If you’re continually tearing your hair out trying to get ahead, then you’re not alone.

Financial matters can be stressful.  In fact, they can be downright distressing. But they don’t have to be.  Not if you know all the secret nooks and crannies of earnings and profit.

And one such secret is what we call passive income.

It’s a strategy that allows you to grow your wealth effortlessly and expand your revenue capabilities.  And you don’t even have to lift a finger!

The idea is to let your money do all the hard work in the background, while you keep living your best life.  You don’t need to try and scrape together any extra funds – you simply use what you’ve already got.  If you invest your existing savings or equity with the right entity, you can be financially free in no time.  And your best bet – is property.

Now, add to that the opportunity to invest in a whole complex of brand-new luxury apartments or townhouses for a fraction of what you’d ordinarily pay for just one residence.  Imagine you could then collect your profits after only five years and walk away.

This strategy is what’s known as Property Syndication.  It’s nothing new, but the way GSA approaches the playing field is certainly unique.

We’d like you to experience a prosperous and carefree lifestyle as early as possible.  It’s an entirely plausible prospect, given you’ve probably got everything at your fingertips to help you get there.

Our investment team is standing by to take you diligently through the process.  Get in touch today and find out what you really can do when you know how.

Would you crowdfund for a good cause?

Would you crowdfund for a good cause?

Would you crowdfund for a good cause?

You’ve probably come across the concept of crowdfunding in your travels.

Essentially it means – combining a little bit of your money with the financial contributions from others, to achieve the greater good.

You might be prepared to donate some of your hard-earned cash to help find a cure for a sick a child or raise funds to send an old grandmother home to see her family one last time.

Perhaps you’d even be inclined to put forward a few dollars to get a new start-up company off the ground.

It really is a marvellous idea!

So, what if you could start a crowdfund to help yourself? 

Imagine having a group of people all willing to throw some money in the pot so you could walk away with something amazing.

Sounds a bit like a pipe dream, doesn’t it?

Call it what you will – but this is exactly how property syndication works.

Together with a designated group of like-minded investors, you each provide a smaller share of the funding to be able to purchase a larger and more lucrative investment.

Instead of trying to ‘raise’ all the money on your own to buy a decent property (which, let’s face it, could take decades!) you only have to part with a fraction of the purchase price to own a piece of an entire building.

But here’s some even better news.

If you choose your investment property wisely, you can easily grow your wealth in a very short time.

With our plan, if you were to contribute only $200,000 to buy a share in a multi-million dollar blue-chip property, you could expect to come away with $400,000 after just 5 years.

That’s not to be sneezed at!

Let’s say you use that extra cash to finally pay off your mortgage – how would that feel?  Or you might want to expedite the growth of your retirement fund so that when you eventually give up work, you’ll be able to kick back and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t let hearsay crowd your judgement – syndication can change your life.

And surely you’re the best cause of all!