Case Studies

GSA is committed to helping Australians from all walks of life and financial backgrounds improve their financial outlook.

The following case studies are just some of the success stories we’d like to share with you.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Michael & Sarah

Case Study 2


Michael and Sarah fully owned their home. They had also purchased two investment properties for their future retirement nest egg. The loan facilities for the investment properties were established as interest only. Michael and Sarah’s initial strategy was to keep the properties for as long as possible and let market growth pay off the loans on retirement.

Michael and Sarah were in their 50s and both employed with good incomes.


  • Clear immediate bills – $10,000
  • Pay off the investment loans without having to sell their investment properties – current loan balance $371,063
  • Cash flow to support any shortfall in additional funding for a new investment to be kept to a minimum.


Using the GSA Wealth Optimiser software, the GSA team was able to provide Michael and Sarah with the following solution:

  • Total debt cleared – $371,063
  • Total home mortgage will be cleared in – 6.1 years
  • The projections for Michael and Sarah also revealed a cash position at the end of 10 years of $597,610

Had Michael and Sarah not adopted our recommendations, they would still have a debt on their property based on an interest-only loan of $371,063.

“With GSA’s help, Michael & Sarah will be ahead by more than $908,805″

John & Julie

Case Study 1


John and Julie have owned their home for over 10 years and have seen substantial growth in the property. They began with a considerable home mortgage, and their primary focus was to get rid of it as fast as they could.

Both John and Julie were employed and earning good salaries. They were living comfortably and so started contemplating the purchase of an investment property instead of paying off the home loan debt. They were both in their 40s.


  • Clear immediate bills – $20,000
  • Payout credit cards – $8,500
  • Get rid of home loan debt in the fastest time – loan value at the time of engaging GSA – $280,000
  • Cash flow to support any shortfall in funding a new investment strategy to be kept to a minimum.


After a full assessment, using the GSA Wealth Optimiser software, our team was able to restructure the finances of John and Julie to create an attractive solution:  

  • Total debt cleared – $28,500
  • Total home mortgage cleared in 4.2 years
  • The projections for John & Julie also revealed a cash position at the end of 10 years of $785,878
  • Had they not adopted this strategy, they would still have a debt on their property based on a 20-year loan of $182,794. Using the GSA model, John and Julie will be further ahead by more than $968,792


Case Study 3


Michelle had a small mortgage on her home. She also had some funds in her super but she wasn’t confident that her super would meet her retirement needs.

Michelle owned and ran her own successful consultancy business and was in her early 50s.


  • Improve the returns to the existing superannuation policy to secure a substantially improved financial future
  • Cashflow to support any shortfall in additional funding for a new investment to be kept to a minimum.


After a full assessment and using our Wealth Optimiser program, our team was able to restructure Michelle’s investment returns, providing her with the confidence she was lacking.

We were able to achieve the following:

  • A two-prong strategy was adopted to have some of the investment outside of Michelle’s superannuation, also achieving a substantial growth to assist her with an early retirement strategy
  • The projections for Michelle revealed a cash position at the end of 10 years of $1,460,757 based on an investment of $300,000

“Michelle went from retirement concerns to the possibility of an early retirement!”

“GSA are debt reduction and property investment specialists, your future prosperity is our mission. If you’d like to explore your own potential to improve your retirement FAST, please call us on 1300 205 556 as soon as possible. It’s a quick call that could change your life. Guaranteed!”


Client Insights

  1. My first reaction when I heard about the property syndication and how it will eliminate the debt in just 5 years was disbelief. But when Tim presented to me the model and how clear the strategy was, it all became clear and I said “I did not know that there is a better property investment model than a traditional property investing which required me to borrow half a million dollars and hope that in 10 to 15 years its value will double?”.

  3. I was on my property investing journey when Tim and GSA time contacted me to arrange a meeting. Tim is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. His competence made it easy for me to join the GSA.

  5. I would like to pay-off my owner-occupier home loan quicker and the only way I know is through traditional property investment where I need to use the equity of my existing properties to buy another property and use the tax incentives. This normally takes 10 to 15 years. I did not know that there is a way to pay this off quicker, such as in 5 years. This strategy has led me to join GSA.

  7. The idea of getting into wholesale real estate investing is not known to me. Tim explained the benefits of this and how it can help in paying off my mortgage in 5 years.

  9. The idea of getting a high yield investment to help with my super return, which is higher than what I get from industry super funds, help me in deciding to roll-over all my super balance to SMSF. I even ask my wife to join me on this journey.

  11. I would like to retire early and can see this will happen with high possibility with the model presented by GSA.

  13. With the traditional real estate investing that I know, I can only invest in either a small apartment close to the city or a house which is around 30 to 40 km out of the city. With GSA, I can own part of a building which are in key suburbs with close proximity to the city and are considered blue chips suburbs.
James (Derrimut)

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