If you’re searching for a solid real estate investment, then blue-chip suburbia is almost certainly the first place you should look.  Aside from their general lifestyle appeal – these areas also tend to offer long-term growth.


Melbourne’s most recognised premium suburbs include places like Toorak, Hawthorn and Brighton.  Although highly desirable locations due to their proximity and liveability, they also come with quite a hefty price tag.


For most Aussies out there, many of the wealthier districts are just plain out of reach.  But when you understand what makes a high-growth suburb tick, and can predict the future demand and long-term growth potential of an upcoming area – you can reap the same rewards.


There are a few fundamental things to look for when trying to sleuth out the next big thing – such as employment, lifestyle, education, and transport.  Other factors at play are urban renewal and infrastructure projects, as well as a growing population of young people.


But beware of the “bridesmaid” suburbs.  Although it may seem logical at first, merely looking at a neighbouring suburb of an already flourishing locale is not necessarily going to give you what you need.  There are several more moving parts, all of which you need to take into consideration.


Of course, new development properties are an enticing aspect when it comes to both lifestyle and profit margins.  GSA has done extensive research into area growth and luxury residential projects – which offer a double whammy for our investors.


And before you think you can’t afford such financial outlays – come and talk to us about our property syndication model.  The air is sweet when you start benefiting from this fruitful investment strategy.


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