Winner Announcement: Go Fishing Day Giveaway

Winner Announcement: Go Fishing Day Giveaway

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Stuart from Wonthaggi, the winner of our $200 BCF voucher.  Stuart intends to purchase a new surf rod and add it to his current collection.

The team here at GSA is extremely pleased to have provided Stuart his voucher and wish him all the best for his fishing ventures.

Thanks to everyone who registered for this promotion.  We will be launching a new giveaway opportunity next week! Be sure to like us on Facebook to be notified when we launch!

Why Should I Invest in 2019?

Why Should I Invest in 2019?

Why Should I Invest in 2019?

It’s difficult to know what the property market will do, so it’s a huge decision to make when pondering an expensive outlay like real estate investment.  It’s no wonder many would-be investors opt-out as their resolve weakens.

One prime issue, of course, is finances.  Can you afford to put down a deposit, pay off the loan plus interest, along with all the extra ‘hidden’ costs?

And a compounding deterrent is the thought of then losing money.  People baulk at purchasing property in a falling market.  Panic sets in as the only future they see is one of negative returns.  But they’re not playing the long game.  They’re missing the bigger picture.

Eventually, the market will fluctuate in their favour.

Now is actually a great time to invest!

According to national survey statistics, although a reasonable number of people were likely to jump on the investment bandwagon this year, only 24% of respondents were planning to seek advice from a property strategist or advisor, and a surprising 30% would be seeking no help at all.

Expert assistance is vital if you’re looking to succeed.  You can’t just take a stab in the dark or a vaguely educated guess.

And it’s interesting to note that many investors shy away from short-term capital growth options in a bear market, harbouring their belief that property prices would remain flat or continue to fall.

The key to short-term investments though is to purchase something with guaranteed growth, regardless of the market.  And this requires being smart with your choice of real estate.

If you own a property valued at $400,000 in an affordable outer suburb and the market dives by 5%, your asset will fall in value by $20,000.  That’s a fair cop for a lower-end investor who is likely to be already struggling financially.

If, however, a property in a wealthy inner urban location is worth $2 million, the $100,000 value decline can be more easily absorbed.  Now, look at the option of owning a share of a $2 million property in a guaranteed high-growth area.  Even if the market slumps, suburb growth will still outweigh the overall price drop, and your initial outlay will not feel as daunting.  You will be reaping a profit, regardless.  And a short-term investment in this instance equals sure-fire dollars in your pocket.

It’s certainly worth discovering how to create wealth, rather than merely staying afloat.

Will you look back with regret?

Will you look back with regret?

There are few things worse than regret.  That gut-wrenching feeling that wakes you in the wee hours – reminding you of the events you could have handled differently.

And when it comes to those brow-sweating restless thoughts – it’s likely that financial worries make the top 3.

All the things you should have done sooner to wipe out your mounting debt come flooding back to haunt you in a recurring sheet-twisting nightmare.

But you don’t have to stay on this rollercoaster of monetary horror.

The faster you act, the sooner you will be on your way to a happy and financially-free future.

Wouldn’t you rather create an abundance of wealth that allows you to retire in style than be struggling to make ends meet?  Doesn’t it make sense to formulate a plan as soon as possible so you can set yourself up for the golden years?

Retirement should be your turn for relaxation and unhindered free time.

Call us today to find out how we can help you sleep easy again.

Buyers Ready to Play – Banks Holding all the Cards

Buyers Ready to Play – Banks Holding all the Cards

You want to invest. You’ve done your research. You’ve got the deposit ready to go.

So, why can’t you simply snap up that piece of real estate you had your eye on?

Prices are low. Interest rates are low. What’s the catch?

The media would have you believe that the perpetrators responsible for a dwindling property market are disinterested buyers.

But the real sharks here? The banks.

Financial institutions are in the winning seat as they make it increasingly difficult to take out a home or investment loan. It’s called the credit squeeze, and it sounds very much like an evil game tactic. They’re not playing fair.

Where does this leave people like you? You may be wondering if you’ll ever get into the market.

Chances are, if you keep playing by the same rules, you’ll end up in the same position.

Change your game plan, however, and you can alter your course of financial history.

As the famous quote states – “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.”

What if you could change the rules to suit you? What if you could harness a different approach that could get you into the property market immediately and grow your wealth exponentially?

If you’re sick of feeling like you’ve taken one financial step forward, then two steps back, get in touch with us today to find out how you can be the one holding the aces.

Fear: The Thief of Dreams

Fear: The Thief of Dreams

Fear: The Thief of Dreams

Your dream is to own investment property and create a passive income, and yet this burning desire remains unfulfilled.


Fear.  The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind.

It is likely you have procrastinated for as long as you have due to one or many of the most common fears that trick people into not investing.

Let’s see if you’re on this list.


1) Fear of failure

If you don’t know what you’re doing because you’re brand new to this investment thing, you’d be forgiven for feeling some trepidation.

But getting it wrong is not so much about being a novice as it is about neglecting your research.  Knowledge is power – so the more information you gather before you start, the more you will minimise your risk.


2) Fear of being ripped off

Sister emotion to fear is distrust.

There are a lot of sharks out there willing to take your money and run, and it can be difficult to recognise when someone doesn’t exactly have your best interests at heart.

So, treading cautiously is a good thing, but becoming paralysed by suspicion won’t do you any favours.

Trust your gut.  You’re probably more adept than you think when it comes to segregating the good, the bad and the ugly of ‘advisors’.


3) Fear of feeling like a Noob

Maybe you feel like you don’t have the smarts to get involved in this money-making game.  What if you look plain stupid because you don’t understand it?

The truth is – not many of us can get our head around it at first.  There’s a lot to take in.

But by edging a few baby steps with a trusted advisor, you can equip yourself with enough insight to get the ball rolling.

The experts know that monetary matters can seem daunting.  That’s why they’ve provided a full gamut of books, magazines, blogs and sundry to get you started.


4) Fear of numerical nightmares

Maybe you weren’t very good with numbers in high school.  There’s a good chance you thought you’d never be needing long division again.  It just wasn’t your forte.

So, how on earth will you be able to estimate things like expected income vs the outgoings of repairs, insurance, taxes – and package them all into a nice neat budget?

Easy.  Get the ‘guy’ to do it.  In other words, seek the guidance of a trusted accountant or financial advisor.  If you’re not confident, simply find someone who is.


5) Fear of losing it all

It’s near impossible to predict what the property market will do. There is some risk involved in almost every aspect of life.

But if you never step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never experience the things just out of reach.

Rather than going in all guns blazing and throwing caution to the wind, take a calculated risk.  If you plan it right and invest wisely, your peaks should far outweigh your troughs.


6) Fear of making the wrong choice

This worrying factor could possibly be the main reason for delaying any decision making.

In today’s society, in particular, there is way too much from which to choose.  Once upon a time, you could almost bank on a good thing because there wasn’t much else around.  These days, when presented with so many options and conflicting advice, it’s easy to fall victim to overwhelm.

But again, it merely comes down to doing as much research as you can, gaining all the advice there is on offer, then making an educated choice.

Remember, if you never choose – you’ll never know.

Wouldn’t you like to see your dreams come true?