It’s no secret that the property market has gone nuts.

We know that COVID has thrown a spanner in the works here in Oz.  And prices have dipped and dived and escalated like a Lunar Park rollercoaster.

But let’s turn to our friends in the U.S. for a second.  Just maybe they have the answer.

According to an August Domain report, property prices have gone crazy the world over, and it seems that necessity really has become the mother of invention.  Because it turns out, Americans have found a novel way to buy land at bargain prices.

That land is underwater.

A 7.7-hectare Canadian plot was recently snapped up for $AUD 107,610.  However, it’s entirely covered by Lake Erie.

The report quotes the listing as saying, “… this property could have endless possibilities in the future”.  A joke, you may think?  Apparently not.

In San Francisco, half a hectare of tidal land is up for sale for a song.  The seller bought it six years ago for the princely sum of $US5000.

We all know that desperate times create desperate measures, but could you take the underwater plunge?

Quite frankly, we reckon there’s a better way to buy affordable real estate.  It’s using our syndication model.  You could invest that $107,610 and double your money in around five years.  And you wouldn’t have to wait around on the off chance that the tides will turn.  You can rest assured that our brand new boutique structures are well above ground.  They may have the ocean views, but that’s as far as the water theme goes.

As magical as an underwater castle sounds, it’s unlikely you’d be sitting on a pot of gold.  Come and have a chat with us about our investment opportunities, instead.  It’s where dreams really can come true.