When you say you’ll put down a deposit on a property, you probably don’t mean the mineral variety. But that’s precisely what Canterbury-Bankstown residents encountered when they purchased from developer plans a few years ago.

The NSW government has put dodgy developers on notice for poorly constructed buildings, as major defects have been on the rise.

In Sydney’s west, one apartment block had such questionable plumbing that water was flowing through the entire structure and eroding the concrete.  The building became so damp that stalactites were growing in the garage.


“It’s just like going to the Jenolan Caves”,

said one apartment owner.


That’s not only an obvious safety issue, but also a prime health hazard.  And to top it all off – the developer has left the country, so there’s precious little the owners can do about it.

A recent strata management survey found the most common problems to be waterproofing and fire safety, with a jaw-dropping 39% of builds between 2015 – 2021 having serious defects.  And NSW is undoubtedly not the only market to cop it.

Though not every build will be perfect, there’s certainly much cause for alarm.  Especially when you invest your hard-earned dollars into a development, hoping to profit, not lose money.


So, let’s talk about the GSA approach. 


We are 100% invested in your investment.  GSA prides itself on only working with Melbourne’s most highly vetted developers and planners.  And we go to great lengths to perform careful due diligence before the build and monitor the process every step of the way.

Our finance and legal teams work together to ensure that all our “i”s are dotted and all our “t”s are crossed.  We’re dedicated to giving you the best possible investment outcome, so you can be assured your property will be less cave and more temple.

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