New Year’s resolutions.  We all make them one way or another, and most of us go in guns blazing, desperate for change.  Sometimes we follow through, but quite often we lose patience and give up.

Yet as we gladly slam the door on an unforgiving 2020, it’s time to boldly enter into the promising year ahead.   And while the usual physical health goals are important, 2021 is calling for a much bigger shift.  It’s a prime opportunity to work on your financial health.  After all, the past 12 months have certainly knocked the wind out of our cashflow sails.

So, if you’re ready to overhaul your lifestyle, you’re going to need a solid, sustainable plan of attack.

The good news is, we’ve mapped it all out for you.  Here are 5 simple but effective intentions you can start setting now for a brighter financial future.


1.  Work out what you want

Why are you investing?  What do you want to achieve?  You may have short-term and long-term objectives.  Is it saving enough for your dream vacation?  Or is it funding your child’s education?  The first step is figuring out what you need the money for. This provides the incentive to drive your investment decisions.


2.  Set your path

Now that you know how you want to spend your money, let’s look at the best way to get it.  If you’re thinking long-term, then you may consider a slower-growth, high-dividend investment.  If you need to access your funds sooner; a safer, fast-growth option is best.  Do some research to your give yourself a clear road ahead.


3.  Start asap

You don’t need to wait until you have millions to get started.  So, don’t let lack of funds hold you back. Use what you have now (ask us how!).  You can always add to it over time.  Every small step counts.


4.  Review your investments

Take stock of how your investments are performing.  Are they still aligned with your goals?  Are you achieving the right growth?  Perhaps there are better alternatives.  The trick is to review your portfolio every 6-12 months to stay on track.  Factor this into your plan now.


5.  Contribute to your nest egg

If you can, start putting a little extra aside for retirement.  Whatever you can afford. Not only is this helping your future self; it’s also an excellent way to invest pre-tax money, lowering your taxable income.


The even better news is – GSA has a strategy that covers all 5 of these bases.  It’s called property syndication.  You can increase your passive income and significantly boost your super.  With 5-year investment periods, you’re not locked in should you need access to your money sooner.  But you also have the option to reinvest for longer-term goals.  Plus, it’s a low-risk, high-yielding way to use savings, equity, or superannuation.  Talk to us about how to get started.

Here’s to a good year!